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Wedding invitations start at $1750 for a custom design of 100. Most weddings average in the $2500-$3500 range.

Yes! We offer coordinating programs, escort cards, table numbers, menus and just about anything you might need to match your event. Not sure? Just ask!

Wedding invitations can take anywhere from 6-8 months and in some cases, longer depending on the level of detail involved. 

Birthday, shower, and smaller event invitations range from 2-4 months. 

It's always best to get on the calendar sooner rather than later to book your spot!

A general rule of thumb is to take the total number of the guest list, divide it in half and add 25. So a guest list of 250 would be about 150 invitations.

Of course, the exact number may vary from one event to the next, but this can help guide an idea for the estimate. 

I only take on a small amount of wedding invitations each year, think 5-6. There's so many details involved with every design that I choose to take on a limited number to be able to invest the energy each one that they deserve.

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