Ah, week 2. Last week I mentioned that almost everything from the original plan was changed. Literally, everything. I really like how the pieces are shaping up though. I’m having a bit of second guessing with the vanity and sink in combo, wondering if it’s too much texture right next to each other and if the vanity dimensions will work. On paper, it will fit no problem, but visually wondering if it will need to be less imposing but I won’t know until I see it in the space so I’ll have to get the table put together.


I actually had a pretty decent head start with the bathroom. Everything has been ordered and the only thing left to arrive are the wall cabinets which are backordered so finger crossed they make it to the finish line.

The floor tile is one I’m so excited about. Not second guessing it even a little. I’m planning to have the floor be all the same tile instead of doing a different tile for the shower floor. I wanted a seamless look and the floor is being graded right now, all the boring stuff before the pretty things get to go in. Lots of prep work, chipping out concrete, ripping out drywall blah blah. Hope fully soon, I’ll get to see some tile going in!


One Room Challenge.WEEK 1

As an avid blog reader and despicable blogger, I’ve only followed along with the One Room Challenge. For those who don’t know it’s organized by  Linda from Calling it Home and includes a group of bloggers that each tackle a full room makeover in the course of six weeks. Some of the past challenges produced some truly inspiring rooms.

I’d like to formally throw my hat into this journey. For the first time, I collectively possess a project, the means and the time to participate in the ORC. The trifecta, squeeee! The room, I’ve managed to get my designery, little fingers on is an outdoor pool bath. It’s literally a blank slate right now, think concrete and drywall. I’ve only snapped pics with my iphone since, what’s there to look at anyway. Besides, every body knows a horribly cropped, poorly lit before image provides GREAT contrast to the after. It’s like all of the fitness progress photos I’ve taken of myself for the “comparison” the before is always like, is that even a human? It all makes for a more impressive, “WOW! How is that even the same!”

Project Pool Bath_Pano BeforeIMG_2094IMG_2095

The room is about 5’x9′ and boasts 10′ ceilings. So far the only hurdle is that the door is placed in the center of the room rather than to the left or right which means that doesn’t leave a lot of room for a standard vanity. Here’s a floor plan:



Initially, I presented a mood board along with an inspiration collage.

Project Pool Bath_Original DraftProject Pool Bath_Original Inspo


A lot of the details needed to be changed (think everything). For now, everything has been ordered, most has arrived and fingers crossed it all falls into place. Work actually starts this week getting the floor and plumbing going. I’m so nervous excited. *throws up* Wish me luck!


Acrylic Bathroom Ledges

I’ve been struck with the urge to create lately, and not just create, but share. I’ve been stuck in a quarter life crisis for three years now and want to get back to what makes my engine run. That’s creating. I’ve always considered myself an artist, but lacked direction. I still don’t have direction, but I’m aiming for consistency. More than a sporadic post here and there, so let’s see how thing thing plays out.

Last year, I was looking for some new bathroom wall storage and couldn’t quite come up with anything that satisfied me or fell in my budget. Urban Outfitters had the most options out of everywhere I looked, but style-wise, still not what I was looking for.

I’ve always wanted to do a project using acrylic pieces, but hadn’t found the right project until this one. I used and ordered 1” thick clear acrylic cut into 3×15″ lengths through the website. I left for a flight the day they arrived and was semi tempted to cancel the trip just to install these shelves, the Grand Canyon will be there, right?! I didn’t cancel the trip and it was a pretty rad time.


{Source for acrylic}

I didn’t know how I’d mount these at first, so I browsed around Home Depot and came up with these corner brackets. I thought they would be great in that I could just set the shelf on top and not have to drill any holes in the acrylic. Most hardware for shelves is made for MUCH larger shelf bases, not the tiny 3″ I was hanging.


{Source for hardware}


I laid out the hardware and spray painted them gold. FYI, this is the best way for spraying the heads of nails or screws. The hardest part is having to wait long enough for the paint to dry so I can get them done. I’m a big “can’t wait to see the final product” kind of person.


They say, measure twice, cut once. Well this was like measure one million times. It was the most painful part of this whole install especially when it’s not right the first time around. Also, deciding the right height between shelves was enough to make me question every decision I’ve ever made in life. Eventually I figured it out.

Here’s a close up of how the acrylic sets on the hardware. It was almost a perfect match size-wise and good enough to do the trick.

Pre-styling- I’m like, Look! it works! the shelves work! simply because I set random objects on it. They may look wonky, but it’s just the angle, I spent a lot of time making sure they were right.
2016_0129_bathroom shelf

Originally, I thought this would hold perfumes and pretty hairs styling bottles, but I ended up putting more and more rocks on it. So now, it’s just a pretty display shelf. I still love that I did the project since acrylic had been floating around in my head forever.

And Then There Are Days…

Beckett Days 05Beckett Days 01Beckett Days 09Beckett Days 03Beckett Days 02Beckett Days 10Beckett Days 08

And then there are days where I want to world to quit racing around me. When I want to stop  and watch every little movement my tiny boy makes. When I want to see the boy’s eyes fill up with wonder and curiosity. When I want to stop caring about pleasing others and working so hard.

I’ve been clutching on to moments like every one is the last one. The days may seem long but the years sure are short.

When I think about my life, I have many great things in it but ultimately it always comes to Beckett. He’s my favorite part, the sunshine, the noise, the color. And I realize that he is the best part of me. Except that, he’s not a physical part of me anymore. I’m half of HIM. Because being a mom is having half of your heart walking and talking outside of your body. There is no armor and layers to protect it, you cannot control it or the hurt that it is subjected to.

He’s just this thing that I love so intensely and can’t ever imaging him not being there. He holds my whole heart and the idea of an entire piece of me walking around and existing outside of me is almost too much to bear if I think about it too long.

Love this kid.


An Office Evolving

Gloria Joy_Office_13So I have a lot of stuff.

I do a lot of  side projects for people . I’m the girl that people call when they have something “creative” that needs to be done. I love it.  Naturally, I have accumulated a lot of different tools and materials for all these things, sewing, painting, invitations, chalk art, etc.  which means some serious organization is in order. Every basket, shelf and container in this room serves a very specific purpose. If it looks like there is a lot of stuf in this room, it’s because THERE IS.

Until recently, my office never had a focus. It was mostly just leftover furniture pieces and things that didn’t work in any other room so it got dropped here. It’s bothered me for awhile and I finally started clearing out the things that didn’t work and ONLY putting things in that DID.  I don’t exactly have the luxury to design a room all at once, source and buy materials and then install. It’s a much slower process of acquiring things and snagging deals as they come along. Patience for the win. While it’s not a “perfectly completed” space, it’s certainly evolving into one.

Gloria Joy_Office_12 When I finally decided to purposefully “decorate” this room, I started with painting the walls bright white. It was a shade of tan that seemed to suck in the light and didn’t give me that bright energetic space I craved to work in. Once all the walls were white, it was a bit TOO white. I like that stark, but also wanted some kind of an accent wall. Wallpaper was  my first choice, but with the texture and price of my favorite designs, hand-painted it was. An accent wall under $15? I can handle that.

Gloria Joy_Office_22 This is a bit of real life here, the unpainted spot on the ceiling.  The rug was a Craigslist find at $50. It’s worn and tattered a bit on the corners, but to me it was such a piece of art that I wanted it. I wasn’t sure where it would go after I bought it but dragged it in here since this is the last room without a rug that would fit. I was surprised by how much I liked in here and with the chandelier installed, I loved all the layers even more.

Gloria Joy_Office_16 Another project in here is this glitter modge podged chair. Originally it was a white chair, turned dingy. Then I tried to modge podge fabric on top and well that was a fail. In a frustrated moment, I poured glitter into some modge podge and painted it on. I’m really happy with the color and sheen it gives off. Glitter is hard to photograph, but I love it in person. That’s what counts.

Gloria Joy_Office_15 If you look closely here, you’ll notice I definitely jumped the gun. I’m still waiting on a few parts for the chandelier to arrive, more crystals and candle covers, but I couldn’t resist taking a bunch of photos because the chandelier feels  so much like the icing on top. I was giddy when it was put up.

Gloria Joy_Office_14

This yellow painting has bounced around to just about every wall I have. I may sell it and paint something new for this space since there is a lot of color going on in here.

Gloria Joy_Office_17

Another item I’m debating is the chair. I love sitting in it. It’s comfortable and just the right shape, but I accidently tore the seat cushion cover when I was cleaning it. It just split like paper. I’d love it in a soft, neutral linen .

Gloria Joy_Office_18 I love having my accordian file holder mounted on the wall. My mom gave it to me and said, “This could be something” and a few days later the lightbulb to put it on the wall went off. I have a TON of paper from invitations and I love having it out in view so I can see what I have at a glance.

Gloria Joy_Office_21 Gloria Joy_Office_10 These acrylic shelves are like the brain of this room. I’m a huge fan of storage out in the open and these shelves hold a lot of the supplies I use on a frequent basis.

Gloria Joy_Office_20 My trashcan basket, another vital part of the room.

Gloria Joy_Office_01Gloria Joy_Office_02Gloria Joy_Office_03Gloria Joy_Office_04Gloria Joy_Office_05Gloria Joy_Office_06Gloria Joy_Office_07Gloria Joy_Office_08Gloria Joy_Office_09Gloria Joy_Office_11

Rug // Craigslist
Drafting Table // Craigslist
Upholstered Chair // Flea Market
Sheepskins // RugsUSA
Filing Cabinets // CB2
White Console Table // CB2
X Base Ottomans // Target
Baskets // Hobby Lobby
Acrylic Trays // Amazon
Acrylic Shelves //JMKDisplays
Ceramic Copper Knot // TJ Maxx

That’s the current state of my office I’m sure there will be more change in here in the future. I acutally have a printer hidden away in one office and a tv in the other! I’ll have to share those as soon as I get around to painting them, which WILL happen…. eventually…

If you have any secrets to keeping an office or craftroom organized, I’d love to hear!

Making an Oilcloth Table Cover

Custom Kids TableCloth_01

After I finished Beckett’s table, we had our first little craft session and I instinctively grabbed a trash bag to cover the top. While incredibly functional, it’s not very attractive or practical to keep reusing. It made me think of an oil cloth shop that I pass on my way to work but have never had the chance to venture inside. Over the weekend, I did exactly that and came out with some orange striped oil cloth.

I love this project because it was cheap, quick and easy. The trip to the store took longer than anything else.

Here’s what I used:

• 48″x48″ piece of oil cloth
• Scissors
• 24″ String
• Marker
• Tape Measurer

Custom Kids TableCloth_02

The fabric came in 48″ width so I got just over a yard to make it a nice even square.

Custom Kids TableCloth_03

Flipped it over to the back side and measured to the center both sides so I knew where to draw my circle.

Custom Kids TableCloth_04

To draw the circle, I tied the string around the pen and held it in the center. I had to readjust in a couple of spots because its hard to do in one motion. My string wasn’t an exact 24″ but closer to 23″ which makes the entire width of the circle 46″.

Custom Kids TableCloth_05Custom Kids TableCloth_06

Custom Kids TableCloth_07

I couldn’t be happier with the finished piece! It adds some color in here all while being totally functional.  Any other kid room projects I should know about? I love getting inventive in these spaces.


Shopping for Marbled Swirl Lamps

8.24.15_INSTA_Office lamp

Over the weekend, I did a little antique shopping. I got a new chair for the office that needs a fair amount of work. Story of my life. While I was out, I saw this lamp base and it made an impression on me. I didn’t buy it that day because it wasn’t a huge need, but the mental note I made was strong. So strong in fact that two days later as I was driving past the store on my way home, I pull right in on instinct with the intention of taking it home. All mine for $20. Turns out I DID need it in my office. It fill the space so perfectly I’m constantly turning my head to look at it.

I had a few people tell me they had one in their homes growing up or parents who have one. I thought I’d do a little internet shopping and see if I could find any similar items. These kinds of things are usually best priced in antique stores. Let it be known that I’m well aware of how outrageously priced some of these are. I also thought it would be fun to include a few with a modern take on the marbled look.

Ginger Jar Marbled Lamp Shopping

//1. ETSY, $45 // 2. ETSY $120 // 3. CHAIRISH $400 (pair) // 4. CHAIRISH $400 // 5. Lamps Plus $60 // 6. ETSY $50 // 7. CHAIRISH $225 // 8. CHAIRISH $63 // 9. ALL MODERN $193 (Pair)//

Number 4 as my heart while 2 and 8 most closely resemble the shape of the one I found.

Sometimes, things like this are hard to shop for unless you just happen across it. Typically, you would start by the name or style of the piece. Usually, that works great,  but often times the seller of the item has no clue what they have and come up with a name of it’s own. Here ‘s a few I came across on this search: Asian Ginger Jar , Glazed Ceramic , Marbled Porcelain, Mid Century Ceramic.

8.25.15_INSTA_Office Corner

I’d love a book that talks soley about lamps and covers every different era, style, origins. Does such a thing exist? A lamp encyclopedia? I could waste so many hours and cups of coffee on that.  Please tell me if there is such a thing.

If you have any info on this style of lamp I would love to hear it. If you have one like this send me a link or tag me on instagram @gloriajoy. I would love to see it and/or be educated on it!