Black + White Pool Bath


A very long time ago I started on a bathroom for the One Room Challenge and well… didn’t quite finish on time. See those posts here week 1, week 2, week 3 and week 4. It took a little longer than expected and then with a few summer trips here and there made it even longer to get pictures taken.

Here’s a quick reminder of where it started. It was an unfinished room, so I had the chance to pick everything out and the only constraints really, were the dimensions of the room as I didn’t have to work around any existing elements.


And here’s how it looks today.

KOA HOUSE_pool bathroom gatsby tile white cement side table outside mount shower 2.jpg

I wanted a very clean black and white look with a little bit of texture. The biggest constraint of the room was the layout. The door was placed in the center of the room which mean that it cut into the available depth for the vanity. Rather than going mega custom, I picked a sofa table to convert to the vanity and put a vessel sink on top.


The finish was not at all what I expected with the silver leaf, but ended up really liking it with the floor. And, ohmygosh, can we talk about the floor? This is by far my favorite part of the whole bathroom. One thing I was insistent on was a seamless floor that went directly into the shower. I didn’t want a curb or any transition so the concrete subfloor was etched out to handle the drainage. The other element I really wanted was the exposed pipe for the shower. With all of the major elements hanging out on the same wall, there needed to be a little bit more on the opposite wall to bring a little balance to the room.



Because of the patterned floors and texture on the vanity, I went with a large white tile installed vertically to contrast the length of the room and finished it with a pencil marble trim.




As my first full bathroom design, I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. A lot of times at the end of projects there’s a handful of things that I think, well maybe I would do this differently, but with this room, I really didn’t have much of those thoughts and feel like its very true to my style.

Now, I’m itching for a new project and am like *this close* to demoing out my guest bathroom so I would be forced to remedy the situation.


S O U R C E S :

Floor Tile . Vanity . Marble Vessel Sink . Sink Faucet . Mirror . Pendant . Black Accessories . Shower Curtain . Towel Hooks . Towels . Toilet Paper Holder . Cement Table . Shower Hardware


The Gray Guest Bedroom

Occasionally, I get the chance to sneak into other people’s homes and leave a mark. Now this is remarkably different from the days in my youth of sneaking into new construction homes simply to take a peek around and pretending like I lived there, how I would decorate it and critiquing building choices. That was me as an 18 year old.

Fast forward ten years and I’m doing a bit of decorating here and there. My task was to make this a guest room and not just a room with a bed in it. Decorating was a bit of a slow process, but I got the chance to make a lot of elements that went in here. I love getting to do that.

2016_0524_KOA GUEST 7

Here’s the poorly lit before of the room. We started off with just the bed and a single nightstand. Once one thing would come it, I would be like, you know…. it really would look good if there was ANOTHER nightstand, and maybe a table in the corner and some art here. Decorating spirals like that. ALWAYS. I don’t care who you are, we can all be victims to the decor spiral.


The bed is really the focal point of the whole room and I wanted it to have a lot of impact. For the centerpiece of the bed, I picked out this gorgeous mirror from Horchow and went heavy on the symmetry for the nightstands. 2016_0524_KOA GUEST 9

These lamps were ones reused from the house and got a simple update with a new lampshade that freshened it up immensely. I’m abnormally picky about the height of lamps matching when they are in a bedroom like this, so one side got a little pick me up with a few books underneath. Scroll back up and admire the balance. 😉 2016_0524_KOA GUEST 2

The photographs above the nightstand are all pictures taken from their own travels. I combed through all of their vacation photos and printed out a few of my favorites. I found the frames at Target and love them, can one ever go wrong with simple, white frames? Getcha some.

2016_0524_KOA GUEST 4

Then there’s the pillows. I LOVE. I found the large denim pillows and Target and can’t get enough of them. The lumbar is from Pottery Barn. I feel like this shot sums up my aesthetic as of late-black/white/neutrals, casual and pulled together.

2016_0524_KOA GUEST 12016_0524_KOA GUEST 8

2016_0524_KOA GUEST 5

This little reading nook really came together as well. There’s a few projects I did here. One, that pillow. I painted the fabric and sewed it all up. I wanted something textural and totally proud of those tassels.

Two, THE COLORBLOCK CURTAINS. They already had these curtains leftover from another room and I really wanted something that hung floor to ceiling, but the existing gray curtain was 2 feet too short. Instead of buying six all new curtains, I ordered the same panels in white –all from West Elm– so the fabric matched and sewed them onto the bottom to give it the extra length and a little punch of interest. It’s a great alternative to too short curtains and I am totally happy with the outcome. A true, make-it-work moment. Smugly pats self on back.

2016_0524_KOA GUEST 3

Another angle of the reading nook shows a painting found via At Home  and is just the right scale/color scheme for in here. 2016_0524_KOA GUEST 10

I used my own art for the wall between the windows. There are three paintings all in a similar color palette. The canvas are 12×12 and I found a white shadowbox frame and squeezed them in there. It’s much cheaper than custom framing at $20 each and it gives the paintings much more substance on the wall. Without the frames, they got a little lost. 2016_0414_painting.jpg

Here it all is again, take in all in. I’m happy with how it all came together, a blue and gray bedroom with a kiss of color. 2016_0524_KOA GUEST 7Does anyone else get a little sad when a project is over?

Thinking of a Warmer Time


I’m having a day where I believe all of the lies. You know the ones, the tiny little self-doubting lies that eat away at you until you feel like a pile of dirty laundry strewn on the floor. The thing I don’t understand is that I KNOW these things not to be true. I KNOW I’m not worthless, or talentless, or dumb, or a complete and utter waste of human tissue but I can’t quite convince my mind to convert what I KNOW into how I FEEL. It’s miserable battling these pesky emotions that have somehow taken over and grown into physical pains. So much of it is fear. Fear that I’ll always be alone. Fear that I won’t hack it with my business to provide financially. Fear that I’ll just let everyone down. I know those are not truths, but they’re feelings and the perspective that feelings bring really make life seem out of whack. Screw that. So now, to calm my nerves, I just look at these photos and think of a warmer time knowing that it won’t always be so frigid. P.S. The temperature is a metaphor. To my life.

Life Update: Sale Pending

I went to grab a picture of the listing of the house for sale, but when I saw the pictures I started crying and promptly went downstairs to find some food to put in my mouth and stop the tears. It worked.

A few weeks ago, we decided to just go ahead and list our home for sale with a realtor instead of the FSBO that we’d been doing. It went up a week ago today and by saturday we had our first offer. It didn’t look like they were gonna come up where we needed them to and after a very long talk with my in laws about different options sort of ended up deciding we would keep it after all. That is, if the buyer’s decided they wouldn’t accept our firm offer. And then they did. So that’s good I guess, we really aren’t even getting that much money out of the house which almost doesn’t even make sense. It’s too late though, I signed the papers accepting the offer today. Man, I’m really going to miss that house. It’s not just the house, but it was my way out. The most obvious route on my journey back to independence. I wanted to give Beckett his very own first home. I know he doesn’t care, but I do.

So now I’m back to pining for the mysterious what’s next.

Some Days Are Harder Than Others

Some days I feel paralyzed from my emotions running rampant. Today is one of those days. The feelings of sadness, anger, frustration, jealousy and mental exhaustion are so heightened it’s almost numbing. It’s like my emotional thermometer is completely busted and I’m struggle to determine what it is that I feel and more importantly what TO DO to get out of this feeling.

I find myself dreaming so hard of an alternate life. I keep telling myself that this isn’t the worst thing a person has ever had to go through but my mind keeps springing back at me, “But it’s the worst thing I have ever had to go through. Separations are hard. It would be so much easier if life was like those “Choose your own adventure” books with alternate endings; That way you could peek ahead and see if that road would be worth it in the end.

Oh well, I guess I’ll be like everybody else and figure it out on my own.

The Pack ‘N Play

It’s time to get fluent in the Pack ‘N Play. I’ve been avoiding this for the past 154 days. Lately Beckett has mastered teleporting across the room. He wants to play on his tummy so I lay him on the floor under his play gym. I look away for ten seconds, look back he’s moved three feet. Look away, moved diagonally another 3 feet. I’m hoping if I put him in baby jail, Scotty will stop beaming him up and I won’t have to worry so much about him smashing his face against something even though I’m RIGHT THERE.

Now that I’m working from home a lot more now and that Beckett is getting a little more active. I needed something that I didn’t have to walk to the other room for and let him move around but also contained him. Then its like… lightbulb! (duh) You have an unopened pack ‘n play sitting around in the garage. Now its an unopened pack ‘n play sitting in my room, but not for long.


It actually felt fairly easy to assemble. I have vivid memories of babysitting my niece for the night and trying to set up her playard in our guest room and it was like a rubix cube. I was getting SO.MAD. at that inanimate object. I busted my finger on it, the s word escaped my lips and I look up and see my sweet, innocent, two year old niece standing in the doorway. Caleb and I both looked at each other like I had accidentally committed a homicide. You just don’t  say those thing in front of kids. No excuses. I proudly don’t use that kind of language anymore. Today was not nearly as difficult as those five rounds I went through a  few years ago.


And all the extra parts are for?

Of course there would be  30+ page manual that you have to read in its entirety before assembling. Or during/after assembly.

Hey, it blends into my room quite nice! It’s too the point where I don’t have to try to make my room cohesive. I have a pretty defined taste by now and everything is white, green, blue or an earth tone – including baby items. It’s nice that my room doesn’t feel like a fast food play house with all of the crazy colored baby items… Yet, anyways.


All said and done, I think I was a whiny baby for no reason. I could probably use some practice taking it down and wrapping it up, but for now it’s serving a good purpose. B likes it 🙂

The State of Things

I’ve found myself complaining too much lately. Maybe there is plenty to complain about, but it’s been too consuming and I desperately need a change. I want to find the silver linings. I want to appreciate the little things and rejoice in the subtle triumphs life brings rather than attending the pity party running circles in my head.

That being said, this list I’m about to make is not to celebrate the negative, instead, to serve as a starting point. One, three, six months down the road I can peek at this list and note the change that has happened in my life. Too many times I’ll meet up with a friend that I haven’t seen for a few months and they’ll ask me the ubiquitious, “What’s new with you?” and then I fumble over my words trying to scrape up something semi-interesting about my life, but my head is screaming, “NOTHING! Nothing is new with me! Just the same ol’ boring since I last saw you.” That’s not the truth though. There is always something “new” happening and I need to open my eyes a little wider to realize it.

So here’s the state of things:

  • My husband is an addict but has been clean for one full month.
  • I’ve been seperated from my husband since July. We’ve only started talking again for the past two.
  • I’m living at my in-laws house and have been since July.
  • I have a beautiful, healthy, smiley, squeaky 5 month old boy, Beckett.
  • I still have 25 postpartum pounds to lose 😦
  • I’ve got a great job working for my in-laws that is something I enjoy-Graphic Design-provides great health insurance, lets me get in as many hours as I want (minimum 30) and I only go into the office 12 hours a week.
  • I have the best childcare that is Beckett’s Nana (my MIL) and Grammy (my mom)
  • My “dream” starter house is on the market and has been since November.
  • I owe over $16,000 that includes credit cards and hospital bills.
  • I’m dealing with a lot of stress between my family thinking “She should just get divorced already” and my in-laws hoping but not expecting we’ll get back together.
  • Yesterday, on a whim, I dyed my hair dark again after 2 years of letting it grow out to my natural hair color. I’m sure that’s pertinent.

This is me and my life unfiltered.