Quick + Easy Shoe Shelf


2016_0928_Master-Bedroom-Shoe-Shelf2.gifIt was only recently pointed out to me that I am, in fact, a shoe girl. The evidence was all over the floor, the door of my closet and on the floor and shelves inside as well. I asked myself,  “Gloria? When did this happen?” IDK.

Messy shoe girl problems.jpg

The shoe probs had reached a point where action needed to be taken. I thought about a lot of solutions, cabinets, bookcases, builtins and fancy shelves. Anytime I tried to source out any of those and saw the prices, I thought, “Man, I would much rather spend that money on shoes” and then I defeatedly thought, “that’s something a shoe girl would say.” All of that left me thinking, I need a simple, cheap solution. I went with something I knew would work because I had already done a version in Beckett’s closet.


Home Depot carries these white brackets and I think the have a really clean effect. Plus, they 2.26 each, so win.




Acrylic Bathroom Ledges

I’ve been struck with the urge to create lately, and not just create, but share. I’ve been stuck in a quarter life crisis for three years now and want to get back to what makes my engine run. That’s creating. I’ve always considered myself an artist, but lacked direction. I still don’t have direction, but I’m aiming for consistency. More than a sporadic post here and there, so let’s see how thing thing plays out.

Last year, I was looking for some new bathroom wall storage and couldn’t quite come up with anything that satisfied me or fell in my budget. Urban Outfitters had the most options out of everywhere I looked, but style-wise, still not what I was looking for.

I’ve always wanted to do a project using acrylic pieces, but hadn’t found the right project until this one. I used TapPlastics.com and ordered 1” thick clear acrylic cut into 3×15″ lengths through the website. I left for a flight the day they arrived and was semi tempted to cancel the trip just to install these shelves, the Grand Canyon will be there, right?! I didn’t cancel the trip and it was a pretty rad time.


{Source for acrylic}

I didn’t know how I’d mount these at first, so I browsed around Home Depot and came up with these corner brackets. I thought they would be great in that I could just set the shelf on top and not have to drill any holes in the acrylic. Most hardware for shelves is made for MUCH larger shelf bases, not the tiny 3″ I was hanging.


{Source for hardware}


I laid out the hardware and spray painted them gold. FYI, this is the best way for spraying the heads of nails or screws. The hardest part is having to wait long enough for the paint to dry so I can get them done. I’m a big “can’t wait to see the final product” kind of person.


They say, measure twice, cut once. Well this was like measure one million times. It was the most painful part of this whole install especially when it’s not right the first time around. Also, deciding the right height between shelves was enough to make me question every decision I’ve ever made in life. Eventually I figured it out.

Here’s a close up of how the acrylic sets on the hardware. It was almost a perfect match size-wise and good enough to do the trick.

Pre-styling- I’m like, Look! it works! the shelves work! simply because I set random objects on it. They may look wonky, but it’s just the angle, I spent a lot of time making sure they were right.
2016_0129_bathroom shelf

Originally, I thought this would hold perfumes and pretty hairs styling bottles, but I ended up putting more and more rocks on it. So now, it’s just a pretty display shelf. I still love that I did the project since acrylic had been floating around in my head forever.

An Office Evolving

Gloria Joy_Office_13So I have a lot of stuff.

I do a lot of  side projects for people . I’m the girl that people call when they have something “creative” that needs to be done. I love it.  Naturally, I have accumulated a lot of different tools and materials for all these things, sewing, painting, invitations, chalk art, etc.  which means some serious organization is in order. Every basket, shelf and container in this room serves a very specific purpose. If it looks like there is a lot of stuf in this room, it’s because THERE IS.

Until recently, my office never had a focus. It was mostly just leftover furniture pieces and things that didn’t work in any other room so it got dropped here. It’s bothered me for awhile and I finally started clearing out the things that didn’t work and ONLY putting things in that DID.  I don’t exactly have the luxury to design a room all at once, source and buy materials and then install. It’s a much slower process of acquiring things and snagging deals as they come along. Patience for the win. While it’s not a “perfectly completed” space, it’s certainly evolving into one.

Gloria Joy_Office_12 When I finally decided to purposefully “decorate” this room, I started with painting the walls bright white. It was a shade of tan that seemed to suck in the light and didn’t give me that bright energetic space I craved to work in. Once all the walls were white, it was a bit TOO white. I like that stark, but also wanted some kind of an accent wall. Wallpaper was  my first choice, but with the texture and price of my favorite designs, hand-painted it was. An accent wall under $15? I can handle that.

Gloria Joy_Office_22 This is a bit of real life here, the unpainted spot on the ceiling.  The rug was a Craigslist find at $50. It’s worn and tattered a bit on the corners, but to me it was such a piece of art that I wanted it. I wasn’t sure where it would go after I bought it but dragged it in here since this is the last room without a rug that would fit. I was surprised by how much I liked in here and with the chandelier installed, I loved all the layers even more.

Gloria Joy_Office_16 Another project in here is this glitter modge podged chair. Originally it was a white chair, turned dingy. Then I tried to modge podge fabric on top and well that was a fail. In a frustrated moment, I poured glitter into some modge podge and painted it on. I’m really happy with the color and sheen it gives off. Glitter is hard to photograph, but I love it in person. That’s what counts.

Gloria Joy_Office_15 If you look closely here, you’ll notice I definitely jumped the gun. I’m still waiting on a few parts for the chandelier to arrive, more crystals and candle covers, but I couldn’t resist taking a bunch of photos because the chandelier feels  so much like the icing on top. I was giddy when it was put up.

Gloria Joy_Office_14

This yellow painting has bounced around to just about every wall I have. I may sell it and paint something new for this space since there is a lot of color going on in here.

Gloria Joy_Office_17

Another item I’m debating is the chair. I love sitting in it. It’s comfortable and just the right shape, but I accidently tore the seat cushion cover when I was cleaning it. It just split like paper. I’d love it in a soft, neutral linen .

Gloria Joy_Office_18 I love having my accordian file holder mounted on the wall. My mom gave it to me and said, “This could be something” and a few days later the lightbulb to put it on the wall went off. I have a TON of paper from invitations and I love having it out in view so I can see what I have at a glance.

Gloria Joy_Office_21 Gloria Joy_Office_10 These acrylic shelves are like the brain of this room. I’m a huge fan of storage out in the open and these shelves hold a lot of the supplies I use on a frequent basis.

Gloria Joy_Office_20 My trashcan basket, another vital part of the room.

Gloria Joy_Office_01Gloria Joy_Office_02Gloria Joy_Office_03Gloria Joy_Office_04Gloria Joy_Office_05Gloria Joy_Office_06Gloria Joy_Office_07Gloria Joy_Office_08Gloria Joy_Office_09Gloria Joy_Office_11

Rug // Craigslist
Drafting Table // Craigslist
Upholstered Chair // Flea Market
Sheepskins // RugsUSA
Filing Cabinets // CB2
White Console Table // CB2
X Base Ottomans // Target
Baskets // Hobby Lobby
Acrylic Trays // Amazon
Acrylic Shelves //JMKDisplays
Ceramic Copper Knot // TJ Maxx

That’s the current state of my office I’m sure there will be more change in here in the future. I acutally have a printer hidden away in one office and a tv in the other! I’ll have to share those as soon as I get around to painting them, which WILL happen…. eventually…

If you have any secrets to keeping an office or craftroom organized, I’d love to hear!

Getting Organized – Free 2015 Desktop Calendar Printable

How typical. Add me to the herd of people running around buying calendars, planners and office supplies. I’ve actually had a surge in design work in December and it’s carrying over into my near future. I have so many to do lists I can barely keep my head on straight;  It’s like my brain needs a ram upgrade. Creating a better workflow is vitally important to me right now. I bought a new planner, but also needed a desktop calendar. I didn’t love the options in store and not patient enough to wait for shipping so I designed my own. I had all the materials on hand so that made it free!

This large desktop calendar was what I really needed. I printed it on an 11×17 tabloid sheet so I could make plenty of notes and set reminders for due dates that would always be accessible. Phones and computers are great for scheduling, but I’ll always need my pen and paper.

I also designed an 8x5x11 version for those who don’t have access to print on the larger paper. The files are below, just open up and print away!

2015 Desk Calendar_8x5x11

2015_Desktop Calendar_11x17

I wanted to include a few snaps of my current office too. I read so many blogs, and am on pinterest a lot and see so many “beautiful” work spaces, but are so far from my version of functional it’s laughable. Almost everything in here serves a purpose. That’s especially true for my desk space. That space is sacred. With that being said, it doesn’t mean I sacrifice aesthetics for the sake of functionality. I’ve always thought, if it’s useful it might as well be beautiful, so I have a lot of fun shopping for office accessories.  I’m happy with how this space is shaping up for me. I still have some more organizing to do, projects to finish (can someone hang a 50lb mirror for me?!?!) and stuff to buy (chandelier? rug? sigh). Here it is for now:





My House Lately

My house means so much to me. Not in a materialistic kind of way, it’s certainly not the most extravagant, but a symbol of possibility. There was a time in my life where everything was so uncertain and I didn’t have a place that belonged to me, so I really appreciate it now that I do have it.

Almost every night once Beckett has gone to bed I’m walking around the house, picking up something inevitably, and have the same thought strike me without fail. Its like, this is my house, a thought that carries weight, excitement and responsibility all in one heave. Sometimes it feels terrifying and other times it’s like a sigh of relief knowing I can build a life I’m proud of. It’s something that I pour myself into absolutely. I’m always tweaking, organizing and finding new way to get maximum functionality. So here’s a few snapshots of things I’ve been updating lately and projects in progress.


I’m a bit obsessed with painted closets and organization. My house isn’t always clean, but it’s my deepest desire to give everything a place. This is my painted and reorganized linen/tool closet.

My almost finished wall painting. I started this a few months after I moved in and finished the bulk of it a month ago. Only one small corner to finish! It’s like a messy version of Plinko. I swear I’ve seen this design or similar before, but couldn’t quite pinpoint where so I’m not taking any credit for it.
I had a pretty late night on saturday and stayed up painting. This is my most finished piece of the bunch and I love how it ended up. It was one of those bursts where I felt like I had to get some color on the canvas or my head would explode. All it needs is a frame and I already know exactly what that will be, just need to gather those supplies. I’ve already put it on the “Someday List”.

I like things to be beautiful and functional, but let me tell ya, bottles of sunscreen and bug juice aka insect repellant are neither beautiful or function when drifting around the kitchen counter tops, getting knocked over and ending up in the crusty corner of the kitchen that the broom doesn’t seem to touch, ever. These simple wood boxes were the packaging for some candles. I used to have them in my bathroom for cotton balls and q tips, but had one of those “Aha!” moments and nailed them to the wall. I had been on the lookout for something to put on the wall, but low and behold I already owned the solution, it was just a matter of rethinking the purpose of certain items.

Here’s a pulled back shot of the boxes and my new $3.78 rug from Target. I had been needing a rug in that spot for all of the dirt that gets tracked in. It’s a thin weave and has a tendency to move around, so I put that sticky velcro under the corners to keep it secured to the floor and it works great.

This is one I’m on the fence about. The curtains. I originally bought that fabric to make a slipcover for my sofa. I was all like, Yeah! Bold Patterns! Statement EVERYWHERE! I’ll take 20 yards! And then I realized it was a very specific pattern that did not flow with anything at the time and would have really been forcing it. I haven’t even committed to the curtains to actually sew them yet. That’s right, they’re just panels of cut fabric hanging from the window. Right now, I’m leaning towards keeping them and finishing them off by sewing. With some of the changes to my living room below, I feel like the pattern isn’t so much of an oddball anymore. If I had plenty of money, I would absolutely go out and buy new curtains that I specifically chose, but the thing is, curtains are ‘spensiiiive! Along with everything else that goes in a house….

Target was having a pretty nice sale on furniture a couple weeks ago and I snagged these barstools. I like em cause they don’t take up too much space, visual or physical. Somehow, I don’t know, they were $68 for the two online but I guess the price has gone up.

This kiddo likes to run in front of the camera whenever it’s in front of me. He thinks he is hilarious, and to me, he is.Untitled

Currently, I think I’d classify this project as my pride and joy. I’ve been hating the look and feel of my entry for a while now, but didn’t quite know what to do with it. It had a solid white door and everything felt so clinical and lacking character. Then I randomly noticed/realized that the door was in fact wood and it would be entirely possible to strip the paint down to the bare wood. So I did! I’ve still got plenty of work to do on it, but the paint is gone and I love it. The door carries so much more warmth into my living room than its cold, white predecessor. The tile, paint and ceilings are another story.

For my birthday, I had an Overstock gift card and picked up this coffee table. Can I say, for the first time, it really feels like a living room to me! An intentional living room! That has a lot to do with the rug I gifted to myself from Rugs USA. Larger rugs tend to be crazy expensive or just not very pretty. I agonized over the selection at Rugs USA not sure if I even loved any of them, but decided I liked it enough to buy it and if I didn’t like it in my living room, I could put it in the bedroom or studio. For just over $100, I felt like I didn’t have much to lose. When it came and I laid it out, I absolutely fell in love with it. I don’t know if it’s just having a rug that did it for me or if this rug just gets me. Who cares, I’m in love.



I wanted to throw this last shot in just to have a view of my living room and where I keep the TV. I’ve really been focusing on the living room and getting it put together as best I can. I felt like I got my bedroom to a place where I love everything in it and feel like it’s mostly “done.” And that simply means I don’t have anything in there I can’t stand. So the living room is getting the eagle eye and I’m tweaking here and there. Still a few more things I’d like to do, and then will probably start fixating on the dining room a bit more and the kitchen, oh the kitchen….


Wedding Binder Update

Gloria Joy Ink Wedding Binder

When I created my sister’s wedding binder, I never expected it to be so well received! It’s just about the only things pinned from my blog and I’m constantly receiving thanks and some minor requests for modifications. One major request has been for a 2016 calendar. Since I made this almost two years ago, 2016 felt like The Jetsons. But here we are, and the time goes by too quickly, and I must concede that it’s time to add to the calendar.

So here it is! The long awaited 2016 Calendar and then for you crazy planning ladies, the 2017 as well. Now if you must know, I mostly included that because I’m lazy and it’s easier to get it done now that to have a bunch of emails telling me to get on it. I know I’ll wait entirely too long, so here it is, well in advance!

One last thing, there might be a rumor that there will be two new themes of this binder. Not everyone is in love with pink and I will begrudgingly admit that some of the fonts on this current version might ever so slightly be a teensy bit difficult to read. I just love the font I used and stand by it! I also, do share an affinity for many styles, colors and themes, so its fun for me to create variety. Keep a lookout for those upcoming themes within the next couple of months!

Wedding Binder_CALENDAR 2016

Wedding Binder_CALENDAR 2017

Making the Most of a Small Bathroom

small bathroom

I hope y’all are ready for a big ol’ photo bomb, cause I got a lot of pictures coming your way. My master bathroom is the most “finished” room in my house. Technically the smallest, which is why its the perfect starting point to get this house feeling like mine. It’s only paint, accessories and plenty of organization. I find that in smaller spaces, keeping it neat and tidy helps it to feel bigger. I’m a HUGE follower of giving everything a space. It’s much easier to clean and STAY clean.

First, let just take a look around and see how it’s coming together.

Keep Essentials Out in the Open

All of my daily use items are kept out in the open so it’s easy to see, easy to get to. I could put my toothpaste in a drawer, but prefer to keep it in a tumble with my toothbrush. It’s one less thing in a drawer. Same with my towels. What is the point of having pretty towels if they aren’t displayed!

Layered Mirrors

There isn’t much room for art or décor in general in here, but I did opt to hang a mirror on top of the mirror. Poof! Mindblown. Maybe a tad dramatic since it has been done plenty before. See Pinterest. I happen to love the look and the extra dimension it brings into the room. It would be a great solution for renters too. It adds so much personalization. Lucky for me, it actually magnifies a little bit more than the background mirror which is perfect for putting on makeup with my not so 20/20 vision in the morning.

Custom Curtain Solution

So I didn’t know how to title that, but what I’m trying to get across here is combining the functional with the decorative. For three weeks, I showered with a large painting resting on the window sill. I couldn’t really wrap my brain about how I wanted to cover the window, but I NEEDED to figure something out. Remembering I had a spare curtain rod with no place to go, I thought I would just use a draped curtain and was loving the ones at Urban Outfitters. Although not terribly expensive, I kinda preferred the $10 price point and thought they might not block everything, which is uh, super important. Then I had one of those Aha! moments and remembered some green velvet I had in my fabric graveyard for another project I had never got around to. The color just happened to be ohsoperfect and the best part, free. My mom actually made the curtain which is just a rectangle and a string draped around to tie up like a valance. You could do it, I promise. The fabric ended up being a little to thick to want to pull up and down contantly (l love me some natural light) so I installed one of those really cheap, white, vinyl, roller blind. (enough adjectives for ya?) It is totally the best of both worlds. It adds just enough punch of color and 100% functional.



See that green towel hanging on the back of the door? I always use those over the door hangers, but hooks that screw directly into the wall are just as helpful. I have certain doors that don’t shut properly if I have something hanging over the top. Regardless of the method, hanging things on the back of the door keeps it off of the floor and looks tidier than fussing with a towel rod.


Vertical Storage

I don’t have a ton of jewelry, but I have enough that I need some dedicated space to store it. Vintage soda crates are my favorite for storing those small earrings, rings, watches and other accessories. It’s easy to spy out what you own instead of digging through a tangle of fake gold and diamonds. Bonus, it also clears up valuable drawer space.


Multi Function Decor

I love decorative vases, but sometimes it’s like what’s the point if it just sits there and does nothing but be pretty. No shame in that. I put this vase to use and store my cotton balls in there instead of in the cabinet along with the only non-dried out nail polishes that have survived the moves.


Easy Access to Daily Use Items

I keep a tiny bucket full of Beckett’s bath stuff next to the shower. It’s always out which is easiest for me. I’ve intentionally kept the baby stuff to a minimum. Plus, Beckett LOVES bath time so there is no need for bribing him with offensively bright and bulky toys. He’s got some rubber duckies and frogs, just the other day he learned to put the baby frog on the mommy frogs back. So sweet.


Baskets, Baskets, Baskets

If you don’t have drawers, baskets are my personal favorite organizer. I keep everything sorted: facewashes, lotions, hair products, and hair tools. Everything has a place. Life is so much more functional that way. I also keep sanitizing wipes just about everywhere. Not because I’m a germ freak. I’m not, not even remotely, but I like things to look clean. Especially in a small bathroom, I give things a quick wipe down and brings it back to sparkling.

UntitledKeep Makeup Corralled

Again, baskets are the best thing ever. In the front I keep all of my “daily use” items and the one behind it gets my non-essentials. For me, it’s better to have it sorted instead of floating around in a drawer and having to dig to find what you need every single day. I used to be a product junkie, never throwing anything away and hoarding anything I could get my hands on but I went through a major house purge before I moved in with my in-laws and decided I wanted a simpler life. Makeup included.

Give Yourself a Catchall!

I am human after all. As much as I like my organization, there are always a few of those random things that don’t categorize well. I keep a small drawer to capture those items and sort it about once a month or so, you know, whenever it gets hard to close.

While none of these are even remotely revolutionary, I thought I’d lay it out anyway. So that’s all of it for now. I still have a few things on the list like sorting the upper cabinets, updating the lighting, knobs and a fresh coat of paint on the cabinets. There is plenty of purple paint to banish before I spend money on anything else in here.

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