OOPS. I missed a week. I’m gonna post this a week late and still get an update for tomorrow too. In case you’ve missed the other weeks find them here: 1, 2, 3.

The wall tile started going up! This is one week that calmed my nerves. I worried the tile would look so so, but I’m thinking I’m really liking it. This was the biggest question mark for me because it’s the biggest element in the room. For the floors I was SO excited about and knew I would love it from the sample I saw, but the walls felt like I was stabbing around in the dark. I knew what I didn’t want and felt like I had to make a decision so I went with this 8×20″ white tile and had it installed in a vertical brickwork pattern. Grout will be a soft gray although I kind of dig the contrast to pull out the pattern. Decisions, we’ll see…

2016_0429_WK4 bath_03


2016_0429_WK4 bath_05

I opted for sleek, modern chrome faucets. I thought the clean lines of the faucets would contrast juuuust right with the weathered vanity and art deco floors. I’m happy with them and extra happy that I decided to swap out the sink faucets. The original set I bought didn’t match the shower. Enough so that I was disappointed when I saw but thought I might just make it work. I didn’t want to come into this bathroom to take pictures and have regrets and ultimately swapped them out. They still have to be plumbed for the wall mount, can’t wait.

2016_0429_WK4 bath

I really love the wall tile with the floors. It ended up being just the right contrast I was after, and feel so relieved by this. The floors were grouted, but came out much lighter than anticipated so right now I’m looking into staining the grout. I think I’ll sleep much better if I do. Again, I don’t want to be filled with regret about decision I am still able to change.

2016_0429_WK4 bath_04

2016_0429_WK4 bath_07

The sink, oh this sink, cause quite a bit of confusion. It started when UPS called about delivery and told me the package was too big to deliver to a house. Immediately I was confused. It’s a sink. Sure it weighs about 100lbs, but heavy stuff gets delivered. ALL. THE. TIME. So I ask them a million questions about coming to get it. How big? Will it fit in a van?  I’m told there are like five or six boxes and at that point I was BEYOND confused. I’m thinking to myself, Do I have to assemble this sink? IT’S A SINK. What could possibly be the problem? After sending two people out there, on three different trips I finally got the sink to it’s home.  Only it wasn’t sink in the singular, it was SINKS, plural. As in they sent us SIX sinks and it’s still in the process of being figured out. One the upside to that headache, it meant I got to go through all six boxes and decide which one I liked the most! Here’s the winner…

2016_0429_WK4 bath_06

I’ve bought all of the fun accessories that are sitting in a closet for now. Can’t wait to get them out and play around with them. My next major decision is deciding if I want wall shelving or not?!!?!? I would love some wall brackets and custom cut acrylic shelves I’m not sure if it will look right. Oh that fine line of functional and beautiful, you are a tricky one.

2016_0429_WK4 bath_08

Here is the oversimplified TO DO list:

Figure out the shower curtain.

Finish tile.

Finish plumbing and install hardware.

Get vanity together.

Paint and Decorate!

Until NEXT week! (Which is magically tomorrow….)





It’s week three and I can happily say the tile has been installed! To see where I started, check out Week 1 and Week 2


There was a lot of work that went into laying the tile. I’ve stubbornly requested for a seamless floor and no shower curb so that it’s one tile running through the whole space. That meant a bit of grading to make sure all the water will be guided down to the drain. Now that it’s in, it looks so great. The plumbing was altered for the shower. The showerhead/system will all be an outside mounted with the pipes coming out where the handles are mounted rather than above the head.


The other thing I was worried about is how the vanity would look in the space. It comes out an inch or so from the door frame and I thought it might cause issue, but after putting the table together and in the spot it’ll be, I’m so happy with the scale of it.


Wall tile and sink plumbing are likely up next. The faucet will be wall mounted since the vanity is so shallow. Wall tile will go up to the white line, I think, it’s one I’m still debating the exact height.


The wood on the vanity is all silver leafed. I took a bit of a risk on this buying online. The pictures looked considerably different online to me but I like it and I especially like it with those floors! Plus that white tile is really going to bring in that crisp contrast and keep things modern.


The white tile with a pencil, carrera marble trim. Can’t wait to see this go in with the block sink!


The mirror came in this week too! It’s so awesome and large, love it. The last product decision to be made are the cabinets/shelving above the toilet. I want the extra room to be able to store things, but the ones I originally purchased are backordered until May sometime, maybe? I thought about doing some open shelving with some killer brackets and cut acrylic for the shelf. I’m not sure if that’ll be too much open shelving next to the vanity which is also open… I’m nearly treading into the overthinking it realm on that one. Oh! and a toilet! At first, I was like, it’s a toilet does it even matter that much? Then, I started looking at toilets and caught myself thinking I didn’t know I could love a toilet. There are some great options out there, just need to pick one.


That’s all for this week, hopefully there will be more noticeable changes coming soon!


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Lamp Shade Updates

So here’s a really quick before and after. This is more or less a PSA if something isn’t working in your house, to look at it with fresh eyes.

I’m putting a guest bedroom together right now and part of the plan was to find ways to incorporate existing items already in the house. There were these really cool chunky wood lamps, but the current lamp shade was pretty dark and boxy.




Visually, the base is fairly heavy and I needed something to compliment but still be able to stand up to the weight of the base. I happened to be walking through the lighting section at Lowe’s. I ALWAYS walk through the lighting section even if I don’t need anything at all and I saw these shades. I mentally filed them away because I’m not exactly lamp poor at my house. I’ve got just about all the lamps I can handle and then some.

When I started decorating this guest room, I knew the lamps in the living room would be perfect and immediately had that lightbulb moment that these shades would bring in that contrast I was after. I’ve kept the shades plain for now, but am toying with the idea of painting an abstract watercolor on it. Gosh, to me, it looks like a whole new lamp and I love them in this room now.




For people who devour decor content like me, this is nothing new, but for those who often feel “stuck” in their decorating, this is a great tip. It doesn’t have to break the wallet. So before you default to a standard drum shade, take a quick second to think if a different shape or texture might compliment the lamp base better. It’s like a fresh cut and color for a lamp.

Here’s a few ideas…

Lamp Shades

// 1. LOWES $15 // 2. ANTHROPOLOGIE $118 // 3. TARGET $13 // 4. SHADES OF LIGHT $45 // 5. LAMPS PLUS $30 // 6. SHADES OF LIGHT $95 // 7. ETSY $195 // 8. OVERSTOCK $26 //

There are so many great shapes out there. I threw in that frog shade, because why not get weird? And so what if some of them remind you of your grandma’s house. What’s old is new, right?!

Simply because those are the shades it came with doesn’t mean it has to be the ones it lives with forever. Lamp shade are there own art in itself. You can add fringes, fabric, paint, really endless opportunities there.