And Then There Are Days…

Beckett Days 05Beckett Days 01Beckett Days 09Beckett Days 03Beckett Days 02Beckett Days 10Beckett Days 08

And then there are days where I want to world to quit racing around me. When I want to stop  and watch every little movement my tiny boy makes. When I want to see the boy’s eyes fill up with wonder and curiosity. When I want to stop caring about pleasing others and working so hard.

I’ve been clutching on to moments like every one is the last one. The days may seem long but the years sure are short.

When I think about my life, I have many great things in it but ultimately it always comes to Beckett. He’s my favorite part, the sunshine, the noise, the color. And I realize that he is the best part of me. Except that, he’s not a physical part of me anymore. I’m half of HIM. Because being a mom is having half of your heart walking and talking outside of your body. There is no armor and layers to protect it, you cannot control it or the hurt that it is subjected to.

He’s just this thing that I love so intensely and can’t ever imaging him not being there. He holds my whole heart and the idea of an entire piece of me walking around and existing outside of me is almost too much to bear if I think about it too long.

Love this kid.



Making an Easy, Custom Kid’s Table

Custom Kid Table_06

Let me start by saying that 90% of my decorating is really problem solving. Sure, I buy pretty things from time to time for no reason, but the bulk of things brought into my house are intended to serve a purpose or two or three all while still being something that I like to look at.

Beckett’s room is pretty small and that’s okay, he’s tiny and doesn’t have a clue. That simply means I’ve really got to be smart about the things that go in there and creative with storage. The rug in there is almost an 8×10′ and you can see it’s pretty much wall to wall. Like I said, tiiiny room.

I still wanted the room to be a place for him to play in. I knew I wanted a table, but every option I saw was wrong—wrong price, wrong size, wrong shape, wrong wrong wrong. In my head I knew what I was looking for, there was already too many rectangle furniture pieces and a circle would be a nice reprieve from all the angles in the tiny room. Have I said that already?

One day walking through Target (this happens often) I walked past this little white accent table and it immediately clicked. I did a thorough inspection of the piece and did a run through in my head of how I would assemble it. Then I went home and bought it online, I usually save money online stacking coupon codes. Plus I had a gift card that covered this, score! 

What I love about this project is how easily it could be converted, different base, different table top size. I’ve always felt like these Target accent tables are a tad limited. I mean, thanks for holding my drink and half of a magazine, so thoughtful. This could make a great end table or coffee table that actually holds real stuff for real people.

So let’s get to it. Here’s the list of everything I used to make this table.

• Pine Wood Table Top (I used the 30″ top)
• Target Side Table (The copper version is to die for!)
• Industrial Strength Velcro
• White Paint
• Paint brush
• Sander
• Johnson Paste Wax (I’m such a fan of this product!)

Custom Kid Table_08The very first thing I did was sand  the top. Pine is fairly rough and you’ll notice a huge difference after. DON’T skip this step.

After that I put a white wash on it. Originally, I was going to paint it solid white but realized the whites might not match up and I knew that would forever bother me so I went with something that was more obviously contrasting. For the wash, I did about 2/3 paint to 1/3 water, mixed it then brushed it on.

Once dried, I used the paste wax to give it a subtle polish and seal. It’s incredibly simple to use. Apply generously, allow to dry and then buff off. That’s all I did to the table top. Sand, Paint, Wax.

Custom Kid Table_01 Do you see what I mean about how small these table tops are? Maybe I’m the only one it irritates.Custom Kid Table_02

I decided for me, the best route to attach the top to the table would be something that was removeable (hopefully.) That’s why I chose velcro instead of glue or drilling into both pieces. A little goo gone and I could repurpose down the road if needed.

Custom Kid Table_03 I chose to apply the velcro to the base first so that I could place it on the underside of the table top to get it as centered as possible. Custom Kid Table_04

Close enough. It’s kind of a one shot thing and I’m not typically one who “measures”. Mostly because Beckett is always playing with the measuring tapes and not his actual toys.

Custom Kid Table_05Step back and observe. Again, good enough! I already had this chair gifted to me by my mom via Craigslist ($20). Awesome. The height of the table is peeerfect for this chair. I couldn’t be happier!

Custom Kids Table_09Custom Kids Table_10Here’s a couple close ups of the top. You can see I left a fair amount of wood grain there and the top is suuuper smooth.

Custom Kids Table_11

He has so many rustic earthy elements in his room I really wanted a lighter contrast to all of that and this table came out exactly how I hoped it would! After one bout of creativity on it, I quickly realized I wanted a dedicated tablecloth and not a trash bag. The solution for that will be up later this week!

Custom Kid Table_07  Watching a kid create something is just about the best. Any fun kid projects that I should bring into his life?

Beckett’s Room, the Original

The other day, I had an odd compulsion to redecorate Beckett’s room. Redecorate may be too strong of a word, I just wanted to give it an update. I quickly tidied up just to snap a few pics of the current state. I regret not having many photos of where Beckett lived the first year of his life, I thought there would be too many unpleasant memories brought back by looking at photos of a house that wasn’t ours, but it couldn’t be more opposite. There were so many fond memories created at my former in-laws home as we lived there for a year trying to figure out what was next.

We moved into this house almost two years ago. Back when Beckett still slept in a crib, and by himself for the whole night. So before the curtains and pictures came off the wall, I wanted to remember our first house together, his first room. So here is it the “original” room since I wouldn’t really call it a before.

Becketts room_Before_06

Becketts room_Before_04

Becketts room_Before_01

Becketts room_Before_02

Becketts room_Before_03

Becketts room_Before_05And here’s the little boy himself. I’m not going to go crazy with changes, I just want to freshen and brighten things up. Rearrange some art, make it function better for a busy two, almost three!, year old .

The Snow Day Effect

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
Snow fell on and off in Tulsa the past couple weeks combined with freezing rain, sleet and ice leaving Beckett and I stuck inside for a few days. THIS IS GOOD FOR NO ONE. I’m only partially kidding, we made the most of it. Did some art, sledding and a little biting off more than I can chew. Sort of.  I started a project that I have absolutely no expertise on. The tile got torn up on my entry way. So I’ve been stuck scraping up thin set like it’s my job. In fact, the whole entry is getting a makeover, all TWENTY square feet of it.

It started several months ago with the paint getting stripped off the door, I never really did finish that project. So keep that on the to do list. The tiny “Entry” is one of two spaces in my house without texture on the walls which means, wallpaper. Add that to the to do list. Can’t forget the torn up tile, put it on the list! Statement ceiling and new light fixture? List, list. While none of those projects individually is unmanageable, it is a touch difficult to keep things on track with a two year old on the loose. Beckett has definitely hit that phase where you have to keep an eye on him at all times. He sees mommy using the big tools and he wants to too.

My mind has been abuzz with decorating lately. It’s my favorite, my safe spot. It’s where I feel completely free to explore my creativity without having to please anyone. Lately, I’ve had the itch to take on a project and that’s just what I did. I’m sure most DIYers at heart know, that itch combined with free time usually equals a can of worms. I thrive on it. Problem solving and making things pretty. That’s my jam. Hope it all comes together quickly.

Untitled Untitled

Post Halloween Reflection







Oh hello, orange door and three-eyed, baby lemur! My mom picked up the lemur costume thinking it was a raccoon. Raccoons and me are like a family joke, I used to be TERRIFIED of them as a kid, but have grown to love and think they are adorable. I even made a painting of one that B is totally obsessed with. It’s like anything raccoons… let’s buy them for Gloria. Except in this case, it was a lemur and not a ‘coon. Oh, close enough, mom. And the door! It’s orange, I know. I don’t care! I love it! a la Icona Pop. It was one of the first cans of paint I bought when I moved in. I knew it would be orange before I even signed the papers to buy the house. I’ll have to get some better exterior pics soon.

As for the halloween decorations, they were done 4 hours in advance of trick or treaters. My mom let me borrow the giant spider and the white string I just had lying around. I love Halloween and decorating, I just didn’t want to spend any money on something that just would’t fully be appreciated, so I didn’t. I also didn’t take Beckett trick or treating. I mean, he’s only 14 months old and the height of his candy connoiseuring are individual Nerds given to him at the grandparents house. Plus, I just had four fillings at the dentist so I certainly didn’t need the candy. He was thrilled enough to just be answering the door with his high-pitched little sing-song voice telling everyone “Hiiiiiiii!” that rang the bell.

Until next year, Halloween.

Sunny Days


Sunny days are my favorite kind of day followed closely behind by rainy, fall days. This particular day just happened to be right after the photos I took for my sister. My mom tagged along the engagement shoot with my little in tow. Once finished the three of us headed to a field outside a small airport nearby to watch the planes come in. I just love having new experiences with this boy. Slides, swings, planes and dirt; he is equally captivated.

Working from home, is the best scenario I could possibly have. The thing though, is that I’m home. A lot. While B does great playing on his own while mommy works, I get frustrated that he is stuck in the house and not exposed to enough adventure. My mom always instilled that in us. The stopping for the little things. The finding fun in mundane. Antique shops, tourist attractions, and driving down dirt roads just to see where it ends up. I’ve lived in Tulsa my whole life, but it is so fun experiencing it in a whole new way through Beckett’s tiny perspective. I love capturing the little moments and carving out time to find our own adventures.

Tiny Love


IMG_6227 - Version 2

I’m having one of those moments that I am so hopelessly in love with Beckett that every movement he makes leaves me inches from bursting into tears.

Maybe it’s the way he so skillfully replaces the monkey paci in his mouth for his sippy cup and then back to the paci.
Maybe it’s the way he climbs me like a ladder when I’m sitting in bed with the heel of his foot press firmly into my jugular to reach whatever hidden treasures he is convinced exists at the top of the headboard.
Maybe it’s the way he dive bombs on my laptop and expects me to catch him when he gives up on the mythical headboard treasures.
Maybe it’s the way he patters around the house waving a paintbrush and brushing the walls just like his mommy.
Or maybe it’s his power of persuasion when he brings me items he deems important and grunts and squeals until I too have accepted the items importance by taking new ownership of said item.

Whatever it is, I’m totally hooked.