Black + White Pool Bath


A very long time ago I started on a bathroom for the One Room Challenge and well… didn’t quite finish on time. See those posts here week 1, week 2, week 3 and week 4. It took a little longer than expected and then with a few summer trips here and there made it even longer to get pictures taken.

Here’s a quick reminder of where it started. It was an unfinished room, so I had the chance to pick everything out and the only constraints really, were the dimensions of the room as I didn’t have to work around any existing elements.


And here’s how it looks today.

KOA HOUSE_pool bathroom gatsby tile white cement side table outside mount shower 2.jpg

I wanted a very clean black and white look with a little bit of texture. The biggest constraint of the room was the layout. The door was placed in the center of the room which mean that it cut into the available depth for the vanity. Rather than going mega custom, I picked a sofa table to convert to the vanity and put a vessel sink on top.


The finish was not at all what I expected with the silver leaf, but ended up really liking it with the floor. And, ohmygosh, can we talk about the floor? This is by far my favorite part of the whole bathroom. One thing I was insistent on was a seamless floor that went directly into the shower. I didn’t want a curb or any transition so the concrete subfloor was etched out to handle the drainage. The other element I really wanted was the exposed pipe for the shower. With all of the major elements hanging out on the same wall, there needed to be a little bit more on the opposite wall to bring a little balance to the room.



Because of the patterned floors and texture on the vanity, I went with a large white tile installed vertically to contrast the length of the room and finished it with a pencil marble trim.




As my first full bathroom design, I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. A lot of times at the end of projects there’s a handful of things that I think, well maybe I would do this differently, but with this room, I really didn’t have much of those thoughts and feel like its very true to my style.

Now, I’m itching for a new project and am like *this close* to demoing out my guest bathroom so I would be forced to remedy the situation.


S O U R C E S :

Floor Tile . Vanity . Marble Vessel Sink . Sink Faucet . Mirror . Pendant . Black Accessories . Shower Curtain . Towel Hooks . Towels . Toilet Paper Holder . Cement Table . Shower Hardware


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