It’s week three and I can happily say the tile has been installed! To see where I started, check out Week 1 and Week 2


There was a lot of work that went into laying the tile. I’ve stubbornly requested for a seamless floor and no shower curb so that it’s one tile running through the whole space. That meant a bit of grading to make sure all the water will be guided down to the drain. Now that it’s in, it looks so great. The plumbing was altered for the shower. The showerhead/system will all be an outside mounted with the pipes coming out where the handles are mounted rather than above the head.


The other thing I was worried about is how the vanity would look in the space. It comes out an inch or so from the door frame and I thought it might cause issue, but after putting the table together and in the spot it’ll be, I’m so happy with the scale of it.


Wall tile and sink plumbing are likely up next. The faucet will be wall mounted since the vanity is so shallow. Wall tile will go up to the white line, I think, it’s one I’m still debating the exact height.


The wood on the vanity is all silver leafed. I took a bit of a risk on this buying online. The pictures looked considerably different online to me but I like it and I especially like it with those floors! Plus that white tile is really going to bring in that crisp contrast and keep things modern.


The white tile with a pencil, carrera marble trim. Can’t wait to see this go in with the block sink!


The mirror came in this week too! It’s so awesome and large, love it. The last product decision to be made are the cabinets/shelving above the toilet. I want the extra room to be able to store things, but the ones I originally purchased are backordered until May sometime, maybe? I thought about doing some open shelving with some killer brackets and cut acrylic for the shelf. I’m not sure if that’ll be too much open shelving next to the vanity which is also open… I’m nearly treading into the overthinking it realm on that one. Oh! and a toilet! At first, I was like, it’s a toilet does it even matter that much? Then, I started looking at toilets and caught myself thinking I didn’t know I could love a toilet. There are some great options out there, just need to pick one.


That’s all for this week, hopefully there will be more noticeable changes coming soon!


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