Ah, week 2. Last week I mentioned that almost everything from the original plan was changed. Literally, everything. I really like how the pieces are shaping up though. I’m having a bit of second guessing with the vanity and sink in combo, wondering if it’s too much texture right next to each other and if the vanity dimensions will work. On paper, it will fit no problem, but visually wondering if it will need to be less imposing but I won’t know until I see it in the space so I’ll have to get the table put together.


I actually had a pretty decent head start with the bathroom. Everything has been ordered and the only thing left to arrive are the wall cabinets which are backordered so finger crossed they make it to the finish line.

The floor tile is one I’m so excited about. Not second guessing it even a little. I’m planning to have the floor be all the same tile instead of doing a different tile for the shower floor. I wanted a seamless look and the floor is being graded right now, all the boring stuff before the pretty things get to go in. Lots of prep work, chipping out concrete, ripping out drywall blah blah. Hope fully soon, I’ll get to see some tile going in!




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