Making an Oilcloth Table Cover

Custom Kids TableCloth_01

After I finished Beckett’s table, we had our first little craft session and I instinctively grabbed a trash bag to cover the top. While incredibly functional, it’s not very attractive or practical to keep reusing. It made me think of an oil cloth shop that I pass on my way to work but have never had the chance to venture inside. Over the weekend, I did exactly that and came out with some orange striped oil cloth.

I love this project because it was cheap, quick and easy. The trip to the store took longer than anything else.

Here’s what I used:

• 48″x48″ piece of oil cloth
• Scissors
• 24″ String
• Marker
• Tape Measurer

Custom Kids TableCloth_02

The fabric came in 48″ width so I got just over a yard to make it a nice even square.

Custom Kids TableCloth_03

Flipped it over to the back side and measured to the center both sides so I knew where to draw my circle.

Custom Kids TableCloth_04

To draw the circle, I tied the string around the pen and held it in the center. I had to readjust in a couple of spots because its hard to do in one motion. My string wasn’t an exact 24″ but closer to 23″ which makes the entire width of the circle 46″.

Custom Kids TableCloth_05Custom Kids TableCloth_06

Custom Kids TableCloth_07

I couldn’t be happier with the finished piece! It adds some color in here all while being totally functional.  Any other kid room projects I should know about? I love getting inventive in these spaces.



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