Shopping for Marbled Swirl Lamps

8.24.15_INSTA_Office lamp

Over the weekend, I did a little antique shopping. I got a new chair for the office that needs a fair amount of work. Story of my life. While I was out, I saw this lamp base and it made an impression on me. I didn’t buy it that day because it wasn’t a huge need, but the mental note I made was strong. So strong in fact that two days later as I was driving past the store on my way home, I pull right in on instinct with the intention of taking it home. All mine for $20. Turns out I DID need it in my office. It fill the space so perfectly I’m constantly turning my head to look at it.

I had a few people tell me they had one in their homes growing up or parents who have one. I thought I’d do a little internet shopping and see if I could find any similar items. These kinds of things are usually best priced in antique stores. Let it be known that I’m well aware of how outrageously priced some of these are. I also thought it would be fun to include a few with a modern take on the marbled look.

Ginger Jar Marbled Lamp Shopping

//1. ETSY, $45 // 2. ETSY $120 // 3. CHAIRISH $400 (pair) // 4. CHAIRISH $400 // 5. Lamps Plus $60 // 6. ETSY $50 // 7. CHAIRISH $225 // 8. CHAIRISH $63 // 9. ALL MODERN $193 (Pair)//

Number 4 as my heart while 2 and 8 most closely resemble the shape of the one I found.

Sometimes, things like this are hard to shop for unless you just happen across it. Typically, you would start by the name or style of the piece. Usually, that works great,  but often times the seller of the item has no clue what they have and come up with a name of it’s own. Here ‘s a few I came across on this search: Asian Ginger Jar , Glazed Ceramic , Marbled Porcelain, Mid Century Ceramic.

8.25.15_INSTA_Office Corner

I’d love a book that talks soley about lamps and covers every different era, style, origins. Does such a thing exist? A lamp encyclopedia? I could waste so many hours and cups of coffee on that.  Please tell me if there is such a thing.

If you have any info on this style of lamp I would love to hear it. If you have one like this send me a link or tag me on instagram @gloriajoy. I would love to see it and/or be educated on it!


2 thoughts on “Shopping for Marbled Swirl Lamps

  1. Terri Olive says:

    My parents had an orange and brown one in our house growing up. I’ve been looking forever trying to find it and finally found one on for $110!

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