A Summer Bedroom

7.7.15_Master Bedroom_01

A perpetually unmade bed. Crisp, white linens. A whirring ceiling fan. Fresh garden clippings. Deliciously scented candles. This is summer, according to my bedroom. This room has always taken the lead as the most finished room in the house, the one I’ve paid the most attention to the details. I take so much ownership in “my space” and hold this retreat in high regard.

I believe summer is about being unapologetically easy. When it comes to clothes, throw on a sundress and sandals and you’re good to go. Why should a room be any different? I prefer simple bedding, easy to drape over the bed with a few pillows and call it made.



White is by no means exclusive to summer, but I wanted an overall brighter feel in here. Switching sheets was the first thing on my list.  I have two sets of sheets to switch between. I would have a million more, but good bedding is an investment and I believe in quality over quantity. I always preach that to my younger sister’s friends or anyone who will listen, really. Don’t just buy something because it is cheap! Buy because you LOVE it and is a QUALITY piece. If you’re not sure where to start, Parachute Home has a great selection of luxury bedding that can blend into any style and is perfect for the summer months. My next bedding purchase will likely be a new linen duvet. My current one has popcorn butter stains on it from a certain monkey  I gave birth to. Also, coasters people.

7.7.15_Master Bedroom_03


This doesn’t just pertain to color. In this case, I put the down comforter on hold and kept the ivory quilt for those warm summer nights with an extra throw blanket in case. I also reduced the pillow collection so that most of them could stay on the bed and weren’t just there for decoration. I prefer my summer bed unpretentious and one that doesn’t have to be made perfectly with hospital corners and karate chopped pillows.



Sometimes it’s nice to change things up for no other reason than to re-appreciate the things you already own, but in a different arrangement. I borrowed the pillows and throw from my living room and gives it just enough of a change without costing anything extra. Often, I find that the new spot looks more intentional that the original location. I doubt these will go back to the living room 🙂

7.7.15_Master Bedroom_02_1



7.7.15_Master Bedroom_04


7.7.15_Master Bedroom_05


Every so often, clutter tends to accumulate and I’ll have a day that I go around, sort and organize to free up the nightstands and dressers. It’s mentally relaxing to see a blank space instead of piles of papers, books, drink cups sprawled about. It’s hard to me to fall asleep with too much junk hanging around my nightstand. Even more than that, I go through my accessories and clothing to move some of that around too. It’s hard to even look at sweaters when all I want to wear is a bikini.



Candles live in my house year round, always seasonal appropriate.  This one  from Anthropologie is a recurring purchase in Santiago Huckleberry. Plus, I love the little containers they come in.



This is one of my favorite free changes. I’ll walk in my backyard, find something that’s flowering, cut some stems, check for bug and throw in a vase! Free flower finds are my second favorite kind of flowers, these are from my crepe myrtle. Bouquets being GIVEN to me will obviously take that number one slot. I love being outdoors and nothing quite perks me up the same as having fresh blooms to wake up to.



In Oklahoma, the ceiling fan runs just about 24/7. I’ve been debating whether I would replace it with a chandelier and get a stationary fan. For now, the overhead stays, but I always check to make sure the blades are running in the forward direction to bring the air down. My fan had a switch on the base that indicates which way is best with little icons. It’s helpful for me because I have a hard time remembering little details like this.

Anything I missed? What else do you do for your summer bedroom? I’d love to hear!


2 thoughts on “A Summer Bedroom

  1. Aubrey says:

    First of all, I love your room. It embodies two of my favorite words: fresh and crisp. Secondly, your headboard is awesome. I want a velvet one for our room, but can’t seem to commit to one (or find one in my budget). Thirdly, DID YOU PAINT YOUR WALLS?!?! I thought it was wallpaper, until I came upon that close-up image of your nightstand and noticed that it wasn’t! Can you please do a tutorial on this?!

  2. Sharon says:

    What a beautiful bedroom! I love all of the thoughtful details and your use of color. The hand painted walls make it so unique. Love it! Great job. 🙂

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