Watercolor Birthday Invitations

I had a fun little job last month, I painted some flowers for a birthday invitation and can I just say, I love that people send out invitations for birthdays. Not just kiddie invitations, I mean, those are great too. Grown up invitations, how fun.

Occasionally, people ask me about my process and how I design things. Sometimes I’ll paint individual elements and then piece it together in photoshop. Others, like this, I do all in one pass and then tweak colors and scale with photoshop. I wanted to show the original painting to see how and where it differs! Colors doesn’t always come out how I would like with paint, but I don’t let it phase me and just keep moving forward.

This suite ended up being printed on white gold metallic paper. I’ll print small jobs on my home computer, but will mount the invitation on one to two pieces of paper with spray adhesive to give it some extra rigidity. It carries a little more presence that way than a flimsy sheet of paper. I’ll post a how-to someday just so I can clearly explain what I’m talking about. The triple thick paper got paired with a matte wine envelope and gold addressing top it all off!

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

If you’re interest in custom invitations or announcements email me at gloriajoyink(at)gmail(dot)com. I’ll get you set up with a quote and help your ideas come to life!


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