Chandelier Makeover

It all started with Craigslist. I browse the local antiques and furniture section on a regular basis and saw a chandelier I HAD.TO.HAVE. It was interesting, pretty and cheap. The trifecta. So I bought it. And got it home. It is brass and came with 6 black shades in decent condition, but I preferred the new-to-me fixture without the shades. (Photos to come, I promise.) This new fixture is a little large and the only reasonable place to put it is in the living room. Attic, not an option. Cause I love this chandy.

UntitledAnyway, it’s sitting in my living room waiting to be polished and hung, but was feeling a little frustrated that it didn’t really go with my dining chandelier and they’re literally right next to each other. I didn’t need it to match, just not feel so disjointed. So I decided to see about changing the style of the dining room light. Above is before the edits.
First up was the black shades, which I liked! Surprise, it’s free. That’s awesome. I still felt it needed a bit more so I gave a lame first attempt at gold leafing. Not a total fail, it was just going to take way more time than I was willing to invest to brush glue on by hand so I went the drive thru route instead of the sit down restaurant and this time, for me, it was better that way.

It helped to remember that the extension came off completely, so I didn’t have to deal with anything while hanging.

I brought in the best spray adhesive known to man, Super 77. This stuff is seriously the best spray adhesive. Every so often I need to pick up an emergency can of spray adhesive and can’t always find this stuff in the store so I’m forced to pick up whatever other brand is there and I will say, nothing compares. Once you’ve used this, it’s hard to use anything else. I try to always have some in inventory and I really think any crafter should have this.

I layed it all out and sprayed it with the adhesive getting it coated all the way around.

Then I straight up dropped it in my bag of gold leaf. I’ve had this bag lying around for way too long and haven’t used it. I didn’t know if this method would work and at that point I figured I might as well try.

Well it did work. I scraped as much excess of when pulling it out of the bag, brushed the rest of the flakes off with my hands, screwed them back in to place and stepped back to bask in the satisfaction of accomplishing the mission.

Lights on, lights off. Can’t wait to get the other light up!


2 thoughts on “Chandelier Makeover

  1. Kelly Grace says:

    Hello Gloria Joy,
    I found your blog from the Sela theme demo and I’m really glad I did.
    You’ve rocked the theme elements and I love the Instagram display. Glad you made it back to blogging after your difficult years 😉
    Was the theme hard to customize?
    I have a premium theme and it’s been a real challenge to populate the customized elements and make it look like the demo content. Should I give Sela a try???

    PS I know being a single parent isn’t easy. It looks like your little guy is showered in love and painting with joy. Good job Mom.

    • Gloria says:

      Hi Kelly, glad you like my theme! I guess I didn’t even realize you can find other blogs like that, I’ll need to browse myself to get ideas. For me, I didn’t find the theme too difficult to customize. My previous blog was on wordpress and I’m a graphic designer for a living, so it’s kind of in my nature to problem solve solutions for getting my blog to look how I want it too. I just wanted to keep it simple. I’m by no means and expert at blog customization, just know enough to get by. I might say you should give it a try switching over though! And yes, that little boy sure is loved!

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