Getting Organized – Free 2015 Desktop Calendar Printable

How typical. Add me to the herd of people running around buying calendars, planners and office supplies. I’ve actually had a surge in design work in December and it’s carrying over into my near future. I have so many to do lists I can barely keep my head on straight;  It’s like my brain needs a ram upgrade. Creating a better workflow is vitally important to me right now. I bought a new planner, but also needed a desktop calendar. I didn’t love the options in store and not patient enough to wait for shipping so I designed my own. I had all the materials on hand so that made it free!

This large desktop calendar was what I really needed. I printed it on an 11×17 tabloid sheet so I could make plenty of notes and set reminders for due dates that would always be accessible. Phones and computers are great for scheduling, but I’ll always need my pen and paper.

I also designed an 8x5x11 version for those who don’t have access to print on the larger paper. The files are below, just open up and print away!

2015 Desk Calendar_8x5x11

2015_Desktop Calendar_11x17

I wanted to include a few snaps of my current office too. I read so many blogs, and am on pinterest a lot and see so many “beautiful” work spaces, but are so far from my version of functional it’s laughable. Almost everything in here serves a purpose. That’s especially true for my desk space. That space is sacred. With that being said, it doesn’t mean I sacrifice aesthetics for the sake of functionality. I’ve always thought, if it’s useful it might as well be beautiful, so I have a lot of fun shopping for office accessories.  I’m happy with how this space is shaping up for me. I still have some more organizing to do, projects to finish (can someone hang a 50lb mirror for me?!?!) and stuff to buy (chandelier? rug? sigh). Here it is for now:






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