Baby Shiloh Shower Invitations


Sometimes I feel like my brain has no words. I’m trying to write but sentences aren’t coming out. I just want to awkwardly shove these pictures at you and then stare at you all wide-eyed in silence. My problem, it seems, is that there isn’t much to explain here. This is just a simple invitation suite created for a sweet, little boy. The aim was to mix patterns but keep the soft, delicate “babyness”. Polka dots, wood grain, mustaches. Check, check and check.

On the invitation, I created a bunting with his name on it. Originally, it was going to be an actual bunting that was actually threaded. Once you spend over 30 minutes creating just one and say to yourself, only 59 more to go, you quickly decide to change plans. Overall, I’m happy with how they came out. I’m beyond obsessed with the color of the envelope too.

Now here’s the rest of the photos…



If you’re interest in custom invitations or announcements email me at gloriajoyink(at)gmail(dot)com. I’ll get you set up with a quote and help your ideas come to life!


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