More Photography Nonsense

Remember that time a couple days ago I said that I wasn’t a real photographer? Well, nothing has changed on that front except that I happened to be in the same room as a couple I know, their newborn daughter and a camera in my hand. So I start clicking. There is nothing unique or innovative about these pictures. Her parents just wanted to capture her newborn goodness before it disappeared.

Chloe McCoy_01BW
Chloe McCoy_03
Chloe McCoy_04
Chloe McCoy_05
Chloe McCoy_06
Chloe McCoy_09
Chloe McCoy_11
Chloe McCoy_16BW
Chloe McCoy_19BW

One thing I fully underestimated in taking these pictures, is how much color correcting newborns need. Their beautifully furry skin is so blotchy, red and purple. So that takes time, the color correcting. Hanging with this sweet little piece of heaven made me miss having a newborn so bad. If I was in a different position, you better believe I would be asking for a second baby. Circumstances are trying to persuade me otherwise! The good news is that I can be fully content burying my face in Beckett’s neck forcing him to giggle uncontrollably, only stopping to let him catch his breath. That boy, he’s a fun one.


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