Post Halloween Reflection







Oh hello, orange door and three-eyed, baby lemur! My mom picked up the lemur costume thinking it was a raccoon. Raccoons and me are like a family joke, I used to be TERRIFIED of them as a kid, but have grown to love and think they are adorable. I even made a painting of one that B is totally obsessed with. It’s like anything raccoons… let’s buy them for Gloria. Except in this case, it was a lemur and not a ‘coon. Oh, close enough, mom. And the door! It’s orange, I know. I don’t care! I love it! a la Icona Pop. It was one of the first cans of paint I bought when I moved in. I knew it would be orange before I even signed the papers to buy the house. I’ll have to get some better exterior pics soon.

As for the halloween decorations, they were done 4 hours in advance of trick or treaters. My mom let me borrow the giant spider and the white string I just had lying around. I love Halloween and decorating, I just didn’t want to spend any money on something that just would’t fully be appreciated, so I didn’t. I also didn’t take Beckett trick or treating. I mean, he’s only 14 months old and the height of his candy connoiseuring are individual Nerds given to him at the grandparents house. Plus, I just had four fillings at the dentist so I certainly didn’t need the candy. He was thrilled enough to just be answering the door with his high-pitched little sing-song voice telling everyone “Hiiiiiiii!” that rang the bell.

Until next year, Halloween.


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