On Being an Amatuer Photographer…

I don’t even remotely consider myself a photographer. Not even an amateur. I’m just a person holding a camera.
Lately, my sister found her self getting stuck in the wedding vacuum of “To do this, I need to do this first and before that, I really need to do this.” And that can keep going around and around. Specifically, her save the dates. Not wanting to spend hundreds of dollars on a photographer, she asked if I could snap them for her. So then we scheduled a date, then REscheduled a date and scheduled it yet again until one sunny Sunday afternoon we magically found the three of us together and decided to run to a nearby park to take the much talked about pictures. No fancy wardrobe, costume changes, special effects makeup or pageant hair. Just two people in love and a third wheel with a fully charged camera and empty memory card. Go.



This last picture won first prize for the save the dates. Freaking supermodels. In fact, my sister used to actually model. AND she’s tall, about 5’8″, which tells you that her fiancé is pretty tall too at 6’6″. She spent three months in Tokyo a couple years back before deciding modeling just wasn’t her thing. Now, it’s up to me to get the cards designed and printed no pressure.

I just had two other photo shoots I was booked for. All completely random, out of the blue and unrelated to each other. One was a newborn shoot that I have to finish editing and another engagement session scheduled for tomorrow. I’m an invitation designer, not a photographer. I have to keep telling them “You know I’m not a professional photographer, right?” and “Don’t expect professional photographer results, okay?” Way to self myself, right?!?! They all still said yes, despite me warning them otherwise.


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