My Master Bedroom

I’ve been wanting to post pictures of my bedroom for awhile, each morning I would wake up and tell myself, “today is the day I photograph my bedroom.” And then things like catching up on my Hulu shows that are admitted horrible and a total timesuck (Revolution??? but not my Mindy Project. DON’T you talk about my Mindy..) seemed to always get in the way. Fact, I am a total TV slut there isn’t much I won’t watch. Seriously, Siberia anyone?

Today though, oh glorious today, the stars and sunlight aligned allowing me to tidy and photograph my room. Still have a few projects to complete, but I’m pretty happy with the progress I’ve made on my little purple house in only three months. My bedroom is definitely one of my more finished rooms. I love waking up in here, with the sun brightly filling every nook and cranny, my crisp down comforter and oh my gosh, my mattress. It’s exactly what I want a mattress to be like. Plush and heavenly. My bed and mattress are my first big purchase since being a single person and let me just say that I freaking deserve this. It’s been over a year since my husband and I split and I’m still not used to sleeping alone but having a bed I’m totally in love with helps ease the ache. Also, so does bebe. He spent the night in my bed last night and I woke up laying completely parallel with the headboard and Beckett smushed in the middle. My head and feet hanging off of the bed and all. Oh, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Now, let me introduce you to a good ol’ fashioned photobomb.




These are the adorable but pesky little tables from Target. You know how they always have those oh so cute and oh so tiny tables at the stores in their rotation. Like what is this? A table for ants? When I lived with the in-laws I needed a small media console, so bought two and shoved them together. Now they just hang out at the end of my bed and are pretty dang useful to throw junk on. But it frustrates me, what else do people use the tiny tables for? It keeps me up at night.


My curtains are another favorite part of my room. They feel a bit more grand in person.


Here’s my little reading nook. After I refinished the footstool and chair, I was given this sofa table came to be a perfect little nightstand and tops off the corner nicely. I’m debating putting some rub n buff on it but feel like it might get too washed out. I kind of feel like it helps ground the corner and metallic might be a little overkill… Decisions


I created this yellow painting during one episode of the X-Files. The canvas used to be some cheap $30 art and I didn’t care for it so I painted over it. Free art and I’m so happy with the way it came out. I especially love the break from the blue and green. And I LOVE the blue and green.
UntitledThis little table has traveled so much with me and it’s one of those things I never want to get rid of. You can’t tell from this picture, but those books are calling Beckett’s name right now. They pretty much do all of the time and if he is close enough, he answers the call and spreads them out in the room as much as he possible can so that I can clean them up every. single. day.

Ah, my two dollar mirror. And I can’t say “two dollars” without thinking about Better Off Dead. I love that movie. The mirror though, is from the ReStore and thats how much I paid for it. The only thing I’ve done to it is stick a glass knob in it’s knobless hole.UntitledUntitled

My bedroom kind of reads like a Target catalog. It accounts for about half of the stuff in here. My accessories have all been thrifted from around the house and I keep it like this all the time, meaning I didn’t just stage things for the pictures. Beckett has a passion for putting things inside the coral on the bottom of the nightstand (socks, hole punches, lipgloss and books are all found inside there from time to time), and ripping out the books on the tiny table, other than that he leaves mommy’s things alone.

Can I just gush a little more about how I love my room? Sometimes it’s not just the decor, but what that space signifies. After a year of living at my in laws and bringing my newborn home to somebody else’s house it feels pretty fantastic to have a house that belongs to me. To have a room that is exactly how I want it to be. To paint exactly how I want to paint. To move furniture around on a whim because I can. I’ve got my roots put down here and ready for what comes next.


6 thoughts on “My Master Bedroom

  1. Kelly @ View Along the Way says:

    Okay, first. You are hilarious. And second: you are making me feel so inferior. THREE MONTHS?! You did this room in 90 days?!! I’ve been living in my house for 90 YEARS and I still don’t have any rooms this finished. Please come help. Bring Beckett; my kids can always use more hands to help them spread our books all over the floor. (Who thought it would be a good idea to put their bookshelves right at their level?)

    • Gloria says:

      Oh Kelly hush, have you even read your own blog? I would highly recommend it. I bet our kiddos would totally get along, “I’ll put this book in THIS corner!!! and you put yours in that corner! and you in the other corner! There will be books as far as the eye can see!” End scene.

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