Tiny Love


IMG_6227 - Version 2

I’m having one of those moments that I am so hopelessly in love with Beckett that every movement he makes leaves me inches from bursting into tears.

Maybe it’s the way he so skillfully replaces the monkey paci in his mouth for his sippy cup and then back to the paci.
Maybe it’s the way he climbs me like a ladder when I’m sitting in bed with the heel of his foot press firmly into my jugular to reach whatever hidden treasures he is convinced exists at the top of the headboard.
Maybe it’s the way he dive bombs on my laptop and expects me to catch him when he gives up on the mythical headboard treasures.
Maybe it’s the way he patters around the house waving a paintbrush and brushing the walls just like his mommy.
Or maybe it’s his power of persuasion when he brings me items he deems important and grunts and squeals until I too have accepted the items importance by taking new ownership of said item.

Whatever it is, I’m totally hooked.


One thought on “Tiny Love

  1. Sara @ Russet Street Reno says:

    I feel similarly about my boy – he is just too adorable! Even that day he went through a ‘phase’ where he bit my arm, leg, and nipple through my shirt. Yes, that happened….and he has not nursed for several months…ha! I should’ve been wearing a bra I guess.

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