Monogrammed Stationery

monogrammed stationery Can I just start this post by confessing that the shirt I wore to work today is one that I’ve also been sleeping in for the past three nights. That’s what’s great about being a “creative professional”. Outfits get to be a little riskier and I get to roll out of bed, throw on a bra, skinny jeans, and a blazer. Ta Da! Instant outfit.

So this stationery was designed as a gift to be given to an orthodontist. The intention behind it is for a personal stationery so it wouldn’t have business branding on it, but still something that reflects the final recipient’s profession. It has a “hidden message that you see when opening the card underneath the monogram circle. It reads “Smile, it looks good on you.” Get it? Teeth? Smile? Moving on, I printed this on ice gold metallic paper that has such a beautiful sheen on it when you’ve got it in hand.


If you’re interest in custom invitations or announcements email me at gloriajoyink(at)gmail(dot)com. I’ll get you set up with a quote and help your ideas come to life!


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