Upcycling an Upcycle

The time has finally come that my upcycles are getting upcycled.  Do not mistake this for a “do over” I’ve have plenty of those, thats when you don’t love the makeover and give it a new one shortly later. This was a makeover I actually did like. It’s almost 4 years old, so I guess that is sufficient time. Plus, trends and tastes can change a lot especially with the addition of Pinterest and all of the blog content being thrown our way.

UntitledLike I said, I still liked this makeover, but the fabric on top had been stained by makeup and we all know liquid foundation is a pain to get out of fabric especially on something upholstered.  The ironic thing about this is it used to be a fabric curtain that was stained and I cropped out the ruined part out.

How’s this for a true before and after?! Usually the before’s are taken with an iPhone and subpar lighting, but this one is like photoshop INREALLIFE!!!

I’ve had this silver and gold threaded fabric like, FORever. I’ve always loved it, at one point I wanted to make a skirt out of it, but that never happened. It’s vintage, and I’m not sure what that means other than it should immediately make it cooler.

UntitledI know the dipped legs thing is like a total trend, but as I was brushing on the white paint, I got lazy about it being perfect in all of the ridges. Plus, it was 100 degrees outside. That’s actual 100 degress, not like 100 degrees. I was pretty eager to get back inside so why not add a little metallic? Once it was dry, I took it inside, taped the legs and applied some rub n’ buff in Grecian Gold, how fancy.

I also painted the arms and legs of the chair in the same paint, Rustoleum White Gloss Protective Enamel. It’s a super glossy finish. I wanted this little corner to look cohesive and not be just a bunch of mismatched furniture. The chair was either from a garage sale or craigslist. My mom bought it forever ago and actually used it as a computer chair for a long time. I remember it back in high school being there. Which had been about 8 years since I graduated for time reference. It wasn’t very useful to my mom anymore, but I kept thinking it would fit nicely in my room. She had even listed it on craigslist, but no bites yet, so I had her bring it over. I didn’t spend a dime on these little makeovers, because I had already spent the dimes on materials for other projects. I even recycled an old foam cushion that wasn’t being used to add a little more plushness to the bench, for free!


I’m liking the white chair, but still have to get used to it after seeing it another way for so long. Now, it’s just another place to prop up my feet and get some work done on the computer bringing it to a total of five workstations I rotate through at my house when I’m working from home. It keeps things fresh!

It's Overflowing

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