Making the Most of a Small Bathroom

small bathroom

I hope y’all are ready for a big ol’ photo bomb, cause I got a lot of pictures coming your way. My master bathroom is the most “finished” room in my house. Technically the smallest, which is why its the perfect starting point to get this house feeling like mine. It’s only paint, accessories and plenty of organization. I find that in smaller spaces, keeping it neat and tidy helps it to feel bigger. I’m a HUGE follower of giving everything a space. It’s much easier to clean and STAY clean.

First, let just take a look around and see how it’s coming together.

Keep Essentials Out in the Open

All of my daily use items are kept out in the open so it’s easy to see, easy to get to. I could put my toothpaste in a drawer, but prefer to keep it in a tumble with my toothbrush. It’s one less thing in a drawer. Same with my towels. What is the point of having pretty towels if they aren’t displayed!

Layered Mirrors

There isn’t much room for art or décor in general in here, but I did opt to hang a mirror on top of the mirror. Poof! Mindblown. Maybe a tad dramatic since it has been done plenty before. See Pinterest. I happen to love the look and the extra dimension it brings into the room. It would be a great solution for renters too. It adds so much personalization. Lucky for me, it actually magnifies a little bit more than the background mirror which is perfect for putting on makeup with my not so 20/20 vision in the morning.

Custom Curtain Solution

So I didn’t know how to title that, but what I’m trying to get across here is combining the functional with the decorative. For three weeks, I showered with a large painting resting on the window sill. I couldn’t really wrap my brain about how I wanted to cover the window, but I NEEDED to figure something out. Remembering I had a spare curtain rod with no place to go, I thought I would just use a draped curtain and was loving the ones at Urban Outfitters. Although not terribly expensive, I kinda preferred the $10 price point and thought they might not block everything, which is uh, super important. Then I had one of those Aha! moments and remembered some green velvet I had in my fabric graveyard for another project I had never got around to. The color just happened to be ohsoperfect and the best part, free. My mom actually made the curtain which is just a rectangle and a string draped around to tie up like a valance. You could do it, I promise. The fabric ended up being a little to thick to want to pull up and down contantly (l love me some natural light) so I installed one of those really cheap, white, vinyl, roller blind. (enough adjectives for ya?) It is totally the best of both worlds. It adds just enough punch of color and 100% functional.



See that green towel hanging on the back of the door? I always use those over the door hangers, but hooks that screw directly into the wall are just as helpful. I have certain doors that don’t shut properly if I have something hanging over the top. Regardless of the method, hanging things on the back of the door keeps it off of the floor and looks tidier than fussing with a towel rod.


Vertical Storage

I don’t have a ton of jewelry, but I have enough that I need some dedicated space to store it. Vintage soda crates are my favorite for storing those small earrings, rings, watches and other accessories. It’s easy to spy out what you own instead of digging through a tangle of fake gold and diamonds. Bonus, it also clears up valuable drawer space.


Multi Function Decor

I love decorative vases, but sometimes it’s like what’s the point if it just sits there and does nothing but be pretty. No shame in that. I put this vase to use and store my cotton balls in there instead of in the cabinet along with the only non-dried out nail polishes that have survived the moves.


Easy Access to Daily Use Items

I keep a tiny bucket full of Beckett’s bath stuff next to the shower. It’s always out which is easiest for me. I’ve intentionally kept the baby stuff to a minimum. Plus, Beckett LOVES bath time so there is no need for bribing him with offensively bright and bulky toys. He’s got some rubber duckies and frogs, just the other day he learned to put the baby frog on the mommy frogs back. So sweet.


Baskets, Baskets, Baskets

If you don’t have drawers, baskets are my personal favorite organizer. I keep everything sorted: facewashes, lotions, hair products, and hair tools. Everything has a place. Life is so much more functional that way. I also keep sanitizing wipes just about everywhere. Not because I’m a germ freak. I’m not, not even remotely, but I like things to look clean. Especially in a small bathroom, I give things a quick wipe down and brings it back to sparkling.

UntitledKeep Makeup Corralled

Again, baskets are the best thing ever. In the front I keep all of my “daily use” items and the one behind it gets my non-essentials. For me, it’s better to have it sorted instead of floating around in a drawer and having to dig to find what you need every single day. I used to be a product junkie, never throwing anything away and hoarding anything I could get my hands on but I went through a major house purge before I moved in with my in-laws and decided I wanted a simpler life. Makeup included.

Give Yourself a Catchall!

I am human after all. As much as I like my organization, there are always a few of those random things that don’t categorize well. I keep a small drawer to capture those items and sort it about once a month or so, you know, whenever it gets hard to close.

While none of these are even remotely revolutionary, I thought I’d lay it out anyway. So that’s all of it for now. I still have a few things on the list like sorting the upper cabinets, updating the lighting, knobs and a fresh coat of paint on the cabinets. There is plenty of purple paint to banish before I spend money on anything else in here.

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10 thoughts on “Making the Most of a Small Bathroom

  1. Corinna says:

    Oh my goodnes, oh my goodness! It’s so pretty! Love the white shower curtain! I was drawn in by the soda crates! I have one and never thought of using it in the bathroom. I just love how your watch looks perched on it!

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