The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

breakfast sandwich
This may not fix a heart, but it does wonders for my stomach. In times of stress, I’m not typically a “comfort eater” due to food inherently losing its flavor. So when a taste bud begins to sprout, I pounce on it. The flavor or food that ignited it is immediately sought after.

You should also know about me, I’m kind of a sandwich snob. I’m secretly appalled when people put mayo, cold American cheese and bologna on untoasted white bread and call that a sandwich. THAT is not living my friend, it’s just not.

I tend to over reach a bit with my food. I’m a sucker for that sweet and savory which is why jelly and ham are like the best thing ever.
ultimate breakfast sandwich breakdown

So a little breakdown of the sandwich that gets me excited to eat again:

  • Grilled Hawaiian Roll – If it’s not grilled, it loses it’s support making the sandwich even more of a fumbling mess than necessary. Plus, the crunch. Oh the crunch. It’s simple really, butter, pan, heat. Moving on…
  • THICK Layer of Strawberry Jelly – Or any jelly for that matter. If it’s not thick enough you won’t taste it amid the pile of food below.
  • Swiss Cheese – Melted of course. I love my white cheeses on sandwiches.
  • American Cheese – Because two cheeses are better than one. There is something about the gooey, creamy mess that is melted ‘MERICAN cheese. It make me patriotic. Cold American cheese, a different tale.
  • Egg, Over Easy – This is breakfast after all. I specifically like it over easy because this is a “cut into and eat with a fork” kind of sandwich and the yolk spills out making it oh so delicious.
  • Seared Ham – It’s just plain old lunchmeat given a quick sear in the pan, mostly just warms it up cause like you’re gonna put cold meat on all that hard work…

So there ya have it. Food with flavor. Any other foods near and dear to your heart that will light up my taste buds? I wanna try…


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