Life Update: A NEW Sale Pending

sale pending
What a difference three months makes. I sold my other house at the end of April and back then, had no idea I would already be buying another. Before I dig into the house… A quick update on the rest of my life:

  • My husband has been clean for six full months. A rather big accomplishment.
  • Still separated. The past few days I have felt a push to give it one really good chance again and submit myself to a lot of prayer.
  • One year mark of living with my in-laws. Rather, living AT my in-laws house. They recently bought a new house somewhat unexpectedly and moved into it a few weeks ago.
  • I have a beautiful, healthy, smiley, squeaky 11 month old boy, Beckett!
  • I’m down to 5! Postpartum pounds to lose. Now I need to really try to lose the rest.
  • I’m back to working full time, but mostly from home. It turned out a blessing in disguise. I wasn’t getting any PTO or holidays working part so it just makes sense to work full time since I will be supporting myself on a single income for my house.
  • Sold the old house for a decent price.
  • This one may be my favorite! Paid off everything we owed! Over $16,000 worth of debt, gone! More on that later.
  • Bleached my hair. Last time I announce I just dyed it brown, well I had the itch again, scratched it and it turned platinum. I’m loving it. Except for how dang fast hair grows and how dark my roots are.

So good. I got all of that out of the way. Now lets peek at my new house! I know most people are super cautious about posting their house before it’s “official”. Screw that, no one is reading this blog yet anyway.

It was a former foreclosure, bought and fixed by investors whom I’m buying it from. It is a stately 1207 square feet in the absolute, most perfect location. Two miles from work and smack dab in the middle of B’s grandparents houses (My parents and my in-laws). Having house hunted before almost four years ago, I knew it is not as much fun as it sounds. I knew that when you see the house you want, you don’t hesitate. You snatch it up. Plus, the Tulsa real estate market it doing pretty well and houses, especially in my price range are getting dibs called on them left and right. When we finally listed our first house with a realtor, we had an offer in less than a week. I guess it’s all about exposure.

So I was driving through this neighborhood trying to find a different house I had seen online and drove by this home in the process. I slowed a little and made a mental note to look it up when I had the chance. When I looked it up, I noticed that I had seen house online before. I recognized the blue tile in the bathroom, it stood out to me the first time, but put it out of my mind because it was SO small. How could anyone live like that, I thought. 1200sf is one thing, but a 1200 THREE bedroom, TWO bath is another. I assumed they would have closets for rooms and the world’s tiniest living room. It had two things going for it, location and the price. It was considerable less than my max comfort zone. So I made my mom call the realtor spoken like a true adult and scheduled a showing for later that afternoon. When I walked through the house, it wasn’t an immediate connection but rather a gradual realization of yeah, this could work... I was pleasantly surprised by the layout, high living room ceilings, WALK IN CLOSET (in all my life, I have never NOT had a walk in closet. How privileged of me. It’s one of those things that mean so much to me.) a spacious enough master bedroom and what I think is cute master bathroom tile. I made a second showing the next day and brought more family with me. Later that evening, I had an offer made and agreed on by the seller. Now, I’m just waiting for closing only a few days away!

No that’s out of the way, let’s take a little tour on what I’ve been lovingly calling “My Little Cottage”.


THE EXTERIOR – Could use a little clean up in the yard, but has a nice fresh coat of paint in a color that is so totally ME.

THE ENTRY – To the right of the front door still on the tiled platform is the door to the garage. See the living room picture below.
IMG_0897 - Copy

LIVING ROOM – One of the first things being painted is the wood. It’s going white, duh.

DINING ROOM – Do you see all of that purple? I’m still scratching my head wondering what they were thinking… It’s everywhere.

KITCHEN – Small, but efficient. I’ve already got my appliances on hold. I loved that they chose subway tile to put in there. I would love to open this up someday in the future. Rip open that stupid ceiling and connect a bit more to the living room.

MASTER BEDROOM – Pretty comparable to my last bedroom, it could comfortably fit a king, but I want a queen size.
house 9

MASTER CLOSET – Small, but effective! There is shelving behind the corner on the left.
IMG_0911 - Copy

MASTER BATH – The blue tile is not working with that purple, but I’ll fix it soon enough!

HALLWAY  – to bedrooms 1 and 2. The folding doors on the left are the laundry room the first door on the right is the guest bath.
IMG_0901 - Copy

IMG_0902 - Copy

BEDROOMS 1 & 2  – or “Corners 1 & 2” since there isn’t much to look at.

BACKYARD – Considerably more space than I had before. I can’t wait for Beckett to play out there!

So that’s enough words and pictures, I’m getting so antsy to sign the papers and pick up a paint brush…


One thought on “Life Update: A NEW Sale Pending

  1. Kelly at View Along the Way says:

    Your house (I’m going to call it “your”) is beautiful! Congrats on paying off the debt and all the other great changes!

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