What IF: Bleached Shoes

bleached Shoes
Sometime I have random “What If” ideas pop into my head, like making the straight leg pant out of flares. It usually starts with wanting something then randomly remembering that I have something that my curb that desire without spending any money. In this case, I had been wanting a pair of white Converse that I could just throw on with anything. I also happen to want to pay off my credit cards more than I wanted a new pair of shoes.  Then I conveniently remembered that I had a pair of Converse in my closet. My sister in law had given me a pair of purple ones that she didn’t want anymore. I didn’t think I loved them, but took them anyway cause I figured they would make good work shoes if nothing else.

purple converse
And then, I could never get them to match with any outfit so they sat in my closet for months before I almost gave them away. That was then the “What If” moment struck. What if I bleached them? I had nothing to lose. I knew they wouldn’t turn white, but I had to test it or that what if thought would haunt me for many more months. In the tub they went and I sprayed a kitchen/bath cleaner with bleach on them until they were fully saturated. I waited about an hour only because I had baby things to attend to  and then rinsed them fully. It took a couple days to dry completely since I never brought them down to the dryer. Spoiler alert: They turned PINK!


And I kind of love them! They’re a great soft shade that kind of fills the little void in my fashion heart for the white ones. I love them with my new Target dress…
This is one of my more successful what if moments, ’cause let me tell ya, they don’t all warrant photos. Trust me. Its hardly revolutionary, but free and easy!  If you haven’t ever bleached any shoes/clothing/accessories try it out on something you don’t love. There isn’t much to lose.


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