The Pack ‘N Play

It’s time to get fluent in the Pack ‘N Play. I’ve been avoiding this for the past 154 days. Lately Beckett has mastered teleporting across the room. He wants to play on his tummy so I lay him on the floor under his play gym. I look away for ten seconds, look back he’s moved three feet. Look away, moved diagonally another 3 feet. I’m hoping if I put him in baby jail, Scotty will stop beaming him up and I won’t have to worry so much about him smashing his face against something even though I’m RIGHT THERE.

Now that I’m working from home a lot more now and that Beckett is getting a little more active. I needed something that I didn’t have to walk to the other room for and let him move around but also contained him. Then its like… lightbulb! (duh) You have an unopened pack ‘n play sitting around in the garage. Now its an unopened pack ‘n play sitting in my room, but not for long.


It actually felt fairly easy to assemble. I have vivid memories of babysitting my niece for the night and trying to set up her playard in our guest room and it was like a rubix cube. I was getting SO.MAD. at that inanimate object. I busted my finger on it, the s word escaped my lips and I look up and see my sweet, innocent, two year old niece standing in the doorway. Caleb and I both looked at each other like I had accidentally committed a homicide. You just don’t  say those thing in front of kids. No excuses. I proudly don’t use that kind of language anymore. Today was not nearly as difficult as those five rounds I went through a  few years ago.


And all the extra parts are for?

Of course there would be  30+ page manual that you have to read in its entirety before assembling. Or during/after assembly.

Hey, it blends into my room quite nice! It’s too the point where I don’t have to try to make my room cohesive. I have a pretty defined taste by now and everything is white, green, blue or an earth tone – including baby items. It’s nice that my room doesn’t feel like a fast food play house with all of the crazy colored baby items… Yet, anyways.


All said and done, I think I was a whiny baby for no reason. I could probably use some practice taking it down and wrapping it up, but for now it’s serving a good purpose. B likes it 🙂


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